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UpdateSeptember 21, 2018
ReleaseSeptember 21, 2018
It is important to make tempura crispy!
The larger the temperature difference between the oil and batter at the beginning of deep-frying, the crispier the tempura will be with the batter spreading like beautiful blooming flowers. So, you may want to put ice cubes in the batter or leave it in a fridge until just before starting deep-frying.


Tempura (for 1 serving)

1 shrimp

1/4 eggplant

15 g of pumpkin

20 g of maitake mushroom

1 shiso leaf

50 g of batter

10 g of shredded daikon

0.5 g of shredded ginger



Cut the vegetables into bite-sized pieces. Make some shallow cuts on the skin of the eggplant.


Remove the end of the stem of the shiso leaf.


Remove the shell from the shrimp, but leave the part connecting the tail (and the tail).
Gently push the arched back of the shrimp so as to make it straight until you can hear a clicking sound to cut the tendon. This way, the shrimp will be straight after being deep-fried, instead of curling up.


Make batter. Sieve the flour once to achieve a crispy texture. Mix the egg yolk with water and add the flower to the mixture little by little while stirring it with a whisk in a tapping (up-and-down) motion. If you stir it in a regular whipping motion, the batter will be sticky, creating a sticky texture with no crispiness after being deep-fried. The batter should be kept in a fridge and used with its temperature as low as possible.


Drop a few drops of the batter into the oil. If they go down to the bottom and immediately come back up to the surface, the temperature is perfect.


Dust the vegetables with some flour, coat them with the batter, and deep-fry them.


For the shiso leaf, apply the batter only on the surface and put it into the oil.


The shrimp should be kept straightened with chopsticks during cooking to prevent it from curling up. Slowly pour some of the batter over the shrimp being cooked in the oil to make the batter like a blooming flower and add further crispiness.


When you can feel with chopsticks that the outside is hard, it is ready to be removed from the oil.

Japanese Liquid Measures:

1 cup = 200ml = 6.76 fl oz
1 tablespoon = 15ml = 0.5 fl oz
1 teaspoon = 5ml = 0.16 fl oz