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[Event Report] The 38th National Sake Tasting Competition Took Place! 


UpdateMarch 13, 2019
ReleaseNovember 9, 2018

The competition (sponsored by Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association) was held at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa on October 26, and participants entered the competition in “individual category, group category,” “university category,” or “international category.”

How do you compete in a sake tasting competition?
First, you taste 7 kinds of sake and rank them according to your preference. Then, you taste the same 7 kinds of sake which are placed in a different order and again rank them according to your preference. Participants compete with each other for the rate of agreement between 1st ranking and 2nd ranking.

In the international category, about 30 participants of various nationalities, including the US, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, Taiwan, and China, tried the sake rating.

During the competition, participants have to concentrate, so no talking. Everyone looks very serious.

Interview of the winner!

International Category
1st place, Mr. Kim Chae-yeon from Korea

“I am very surprised that I won, and I am happy. I am currently studying Japanese literature and culture as an exchange student at Senshu University. My friend recommended me to enter this competition. At first, I was not sure if I should join because I had no knowledge about sake, but I could learn about various types of sake and how to drink it and got lots of information about sake tasting. I usually drink Korean shochu and I think Japanese sake is similar. I don’t know much about sake yet, but I sometimes enjoy it. Today, I met people from various countries, so it was a very good experience for me.”

2nd place, Mr. Li Lun from Taiwan
3rd place, Mr. Jean-Gaspard Páleníček from France

During the party after the competition, participants were having fun exchanging comments on the competition and meeting new people as well as tasting various kinds of sake.

Are you now interested in the world of sake?

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*The information herein is as of November 2018