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Five Must-Eat Menu Items in bills Japan


ReleaseApril 3, 2019

The casual dining restaurant “bills” from Sydney, Australia, which is popular among Japanese young women, celebrated its 10th anniversary in Japan in 2018.

billsビルズbills Omotesando ⓒ Petrina Tinslay

As one of the restaurants that sparked the pancake boom in Japan, bills Japan has gained a lot of popularity. But in actually, there are many delicious menu items other than pancakes.

Here we introduce five of these non-pancake items.

1.Chopped salad – green beans, courgette, cabbage, crunchy chickpeas, beetroot and circus sesame dressing 1,420yen +tax

billsビルズA healthy power salad using seven kinds of vegetables. The flavor of crunchy chickpeas and roasted courgette make a great match with sesame dressing.

2.Toasted sourdough, avocado, lime and coriander 1,320yen +tax

billsビルズThe world-popular avocado toast. It is said that it was bills who spread it to the world. A whole fresh avocado is used for each serving and with plenty of flavorful coriander on the top. You can also squeeze on some lime to add even more fresh flavor.

3.Prawn and chilli linguine, garlic and rocket (arugula) 1,580 +tax

billsビルズThis is the classic dish which has been on the menu since the opening of the first bills in Sydney in 1993. A simple dish combined with the juicy taste of perfectly cooked prawns and savory red chilly. It is a light meal with fresh taste.

4.Wagyu burger, grilled swiss, dill pickles, smocked chilli and onion aioli and maple bacon crumb 2,200yen +tax

billsビルズCheese burger using domestic wagyu juicy beef. The melted swiss cheese fills your mouth and caramelized onion aioli with dijon mustard rounds up the whole taste.

5.Brown sugar pavlova, strawberries and rosewater cream 1,100yen +tax

billsビルズAustralian traditional dessert ‘pavlova’ is also a classic menu item at bills. White baked cake with a crisp crust and soft, chewy inside. It is a dessert made with meringue mixed with brown sugar and pistachio. This special dessert was also served to Queen Elizabeth once.

Recommended beverage

billsビルズTurmeric, pineapple and coconut juice (left) and bills homemade lemonade (right) with plenty of lemon.

There are many delicious and healthy menu items utilizing the taste of the ingredients lavishly besides the popular pancakes. Why not go and visit bills where you can enjoy the good food at any time, from breakfast to dinner?

billsビルズbills Omotesando ⓒ Petrina Tinslay

Restaurant bills has eight branches in Japan! Shichirigahama (Kanagawa Pref.), Yokohama (Kanagawa Pref.), Odaiba (Tokyo), Omotesando (Tokyo), Futakotamagawa (Tokyo), Fukuoka (Fukuoka Pref.), Ginza (Tokyo) and Osaka (Osaka Pref.). Learn more: https://billsjapan.com/en

*The information herein is as of March 2019.