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An event in Karuizawa to enjoy rain


ReleaseMay 31, 2019

From June to July, the Japanese islands are mostly in the rainy season. With lots of rain and unpleasant humidity, the weather during the rainy season makes most people feel depressed. So, an event to enjoy the rain and to let you get such a feeling out of your system will be held in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture.

Karuizawa Umbrella Sky 2019

“Karuizawa Umbrella Sky 2019” event will be held at Harunire Terrace, a commercial facility, which serves as a day trip destination and is managed by Hoshino Resorts, from June 1 to the end of the rainy season. Marking the 5th anniversary this year, this event will have the streets of Harunire Terrace decorated with 100 colorful umbrellas. On clear days, you can see sunlight coming through translucent umbrellas and shining on the wooden decks. On rainy days, wet wood decks serve as a mirror, making you feel like you are surrounded by umbrellas both above your head and under your feet. Evening lighting-up turns Harunire Terrace into a dreamy scenery. The lighting-up is from 18:00 to 22:00.

Karuizawa Hoshino Area Harunire Terrace Umbrella SkyKaruizawa Umbrella Sky

Karuizawa Umbrella Sky 2019Karuizawa Umbrella Sky, on a rainy day

Karuizawa Hoshino Area Harunire Terrace Umbrella SkyKaruizawa Umbrella Sky, lighting-up

Karuizawa Hoshino Area Harunire Terrace Umbrella SkySummer tea time

About Karuizawa Hoshino Area Harunire Terrace

This is a “small town,” which consists of nine modern buildings connected to each other with wide wooden decks. The town was developed while keeping the indigenous cluster of more than 100 harunire trees (Japanese elm) along the clear streams of the Yukawa River. There are 16 unique stores and shops in the town, including restaurants, a bakery with homemade bread, a confectionery shop selling Japanese-Western style sweets, a gelato shop, and cafés, as well as select shops selling wooden toys and Nordic goods.Karuizawa Hoshino Area Harunire Terrace Umbrella Sky
In June, you can expect to see beautiful new green leaves in Karuizawa. Fresh green leaves look shiny and vivant, especially when they are wet from rain. Visit Karuizawa to fully enjoy a happy radiant mood even under rainy skies.