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Weekly Column Kanda This and That 312


ReleaseMarch 28, 2019

Thank you for coming back.

Though a little late, I went to see “Bohemian Rhapsody.” It was great! After the 135 minutes of the movie, now I know why this movie has been labelled a “blockbuster.” It was March 20 (Wed) at TOHO Cinemas Nihombashi in CORED Muromachi 2. It was the first time for me to purchase a movie ticket on the Internet. So convenient. You can choose a seat you want two days before! I also could get a ladies’ day discount. Therefore, I didn’t have to hurry to get a good seat and I could have a relaxing walk for about 650 meters, a perfect distance for walking.

Then the movie I went to was a “cheering screening,” which means that the audience were allowed to sing, talk, clap their hands, and wave a light. Before the screening, I thought I didn’t want to be in a noisy crowd during the movie, but it was actually fun! When the audience erupted into applause at the start of the screening and for each song, it raised my excitement. I didn’t care about the people around me singing. The place gave me a just-right level of uplifting feeling! I guess the person who was most excited in the audience was my sister-in-law, who is 10 year older than me. She was so excited and cheering so much. She is the generation of Queen. Good for her!

Kanda This and That

*The information herein is as of March 2019.

Writer:Fumiko Ogawa

The wife of a couple who run a bakery near Kanda Station, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. She writes mainly about everyday and miscellaneous matters that happen around her and also in her neighborhood. She distributes her writings as "Weekly Column Kanda This and That" to the shop's customers and they are very popular. She is from Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture.