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The Ink Cover Photo Contest by att.JAPAN Was Picked Up on TV!


ReleaseJune 8, 2019

It turned out that four members from a popular TV Asahi program, “Jumanen de Dekirukana (Can you do it with 100,000 yen?),” including Riho Yoshioka, Shota Someya, Yuta Tamamori (Kis-My-Ft2), and Shinya Owada, participated in the 16th Ink Cover Photo Contest hosted by att.JAPAN. Since they were using pen names in their applications, we didn’t know about that at all until TV Asahi contacted us to ask for our permission to broadcast their participation in our contest. In the program broadcasted from 20:30 on May 27, they showed the members applying for the contest and winning an award and they mentioned att.JAPAN!

Moreover, a manga was made as a sequel to this story and introduced on “Jumanen de Dekirukana (official)” (https://twitter.com/jumandekirukana) twitter! What a happy surprise!

The att.JAPAN editorial group was very impressed to see that the Ink Cover Photo Contest was mentioned in the program! Thank you very much.

att.JAPAN Issue 88 will be published on June 10.

With an ink drawing by illustrator Hiroshi Tarui, based on the contest winner, on the cover, “att.JAPAN Issue 88” will be released on June 10.

att.JAPAN 88
att. JAPAN Issue 88 will feature:
Miura Peninsula
“Solo” activities
Yamanaka Onsen, etc.

In addition, the issue will come with a book-in-book “att.KANSAI,” covering a Nanki Shirahama special article, entertainment information for Osaka, and information on Kyoto in summer.


Where to get att.JAPAN issues

att.JAPAN issues are available at tourist information centers for foreign visitors as well as major hotels all over Japan, mainly around the Greater Tokyo area and the Kansai area.

Here are some of the main places where att.JAPAN issues are available:
Haneda Airport : Tourist Information Center on the 2nd floor (arrival lobby) at International Passenger Terminal
Narita International Airport : Tourist Information Center at Terminals 1 and 2
Kansai International Airport : Kansai Tourist Information Center on the 1st Floor (International Arrival)
Chubu International Airport : Tourist Information & Service on the 2nd floor (Arrivals Lobby)
Takamatsu Airport
Niigata Airport
Kumamoto Airport
Fukushima Airport
JR EAST Travel Service Center at Tokyo Station
JR EAST Travel Service Center at Shinjuku Station
Shin-Yokohama Station Tourist Information Center
Chitose Station Tourist Information Center
Nagoya Station Tourist Information Center所
Shinjuku Tourist Information Center
Shinagawa Tourist Information Center
Tokyo Chuo City Tourist Information Center
Tokyo City i
Tokyo Tourist Information Center (Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building 1F), etc.

Still open for application to the 17th Ink Cover Photo Contest

We are currently open for application for the 17th Ink Cover Photo Contest. The application deadline is noon on July 16. A drawing based on the photo which wins the highest award will be on the cover of “att.JAPAN Issue 89,” which is scheduled for publication on September 10.
For details, please visit:https://att-japan.net/archives/2376
We are looking forward to your participation!

*The information herein is as of May 2019.