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Weekly Column Kanda This and That 322


ReleaseJune 13, 2019

Thank you for coming back.

It is rainy season now. I was feeling a bit depressed thinking about the upcoming humid days. Then, my husband started cleaning the balcony. “If I don’t do this, it will be scary…” he said. That’s right. Our house has five floors. There was a band of light brown stain on an upper part of the wall connecting to the ceiling on the 4th floor. On the 3rd floor, an edge part of the wall paper was a bit detached. These were stains of leaking rain. I was really surprised! Well, I thought the house was made with concrete, but was it actually made with wood? No, it is made with concrete. I didn’t know it but there can be leaking rain even in concrete buildings. In my house, the problem was the drain of the balcony on the 5th floor. There was water in the balcony all the time because the drain was clogged. If you grow potted vegetables or plants on a balcony, you are more likely to have a clogged drain. That’s exactly our case! We found the leaking problem a long time ago, but I still get worried when it rains a lot. Well, I cannot stop myself from getting new potted plants for the balcony, and my husband knowing this diligently cleans it….

Kanda This and That

*The information herein is as of June 2019.

Writer:Fumiko Ogawa

The wife of a couple who run a bakery near Kanda Station, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. She writes mainly about everyday and miscellaneous matters that happen around her and also in her neighborhood. She distributes her writings as "Weekly Column Kanda This and That" to the shop's customers and they are very popular. She is from Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture.