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A Japanese style cooking class in Ningyocho – Beat the heat with Stir-fried pork with ginger –


ReleaseJune 25, 2019

“att.Kitchen Japanese style cooking class” is held at Ito Ryokan in Ningyocho. The menu for May was Stir-fried pork with ginger, Hiyajiru (cold soup) and handmade tofu.
It’s getting hot and we sometimes lose our appetites because of the heat. It is a lunch we can eat in such a hot day and still take the nutrients we need. Each dish can be made easily so we can make five dishes in 1 hour.

A professional in teaching cooking, Ms. Chie, taught us this time. She explains the basics of Japanese home cooking in English so that we can understand easily.

Students were 3 ladies working in Japan. They quickly became friends with Ms. Chie and we began our lesson with a casual atmosphere.

att.Kithen 日本料理教室

First, the handmade tofu. All three had only eaten bought ones so they were surprised that they could cook that easily! We just have to mix soy milk and bittern, and then steam.
(Check here for the recipe of handmade tofu)

att.Kithen 日本料理教室

Next, Hiyajiru. It is a cold miso soup with vegetables such as cucumber and myoga ginger. It is a local dish often eaten in summer in especially hot regions like the Miyazaki Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture and Yamagata Prefecture.
(Check here for the recipe of cold soup)

att.Kithen 日本料理教室

Kiriboshi daikon (simmered dried daikon radish), a standard side dish for home cooking, was the new to the three students. They asked Ms. Chie how to use different seasonings to bring out the sweet taste of sugared soy sauce.
(Check here for the recipe of kiriboshi daikon)

att.Kithen 日本料理教室

Next is also a classic, Japanese rolled omelet. It’s difficult to roll the egg little by little in a square frying pan, but Ms. Chie taught us the tips carefully. The key is to frequently add vegetable oil to the frying pan to prevent the eggs from burning.
(Here is the recipe of Japanese rolled omelet)

att.Kithen 日本料理教室

Finally, we made the main dish, stir-fried pork with ginger. If you use sesame oil for the frying oil, it will become fragrant. Wrapped in a delicious smell, everyone became hungry.
(Here is the recipe of stir-fried pork with ginger)

att.Kithen 日本料理教室
att.Kithen 日本料理教室
The rice was cooked and the lunch menu was complete! With a good nutritional balance, it is the best menu to prevent summer fatigue.

att.Kithen 日本料理教室
We said “Itadakimasu” with Ms. Chie. All three of them were very happy that the Japanese food they cooked for the first time was delicious. While eating, they seemed enthusiastic asking Ms. Chie some tips to cook and some ideas to arrange the dishes.

att.Kithen 日本料理教室
att.Kithen 日本料理教室

They said they would like to try other Japanese dishes too! Please make some Japanese food recipe at home too.
Next lesson will be held on Saturday, August 24th. Please participate.
For details, check https://att-japan.net/en/archives/1358

*The information herein is as of June 2019.

Advice from chef

Ginger fry is delicious with chicken too, other than pork. It may also be a good idea to put them on rice in a bowl.

Comments from the Particpants

Each dish was easy to make and it is amazing that we could make 5 dishes! The teacher was very nice and wise so it was very interesting!