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Weekly Column Kanda This and That 332


ReleaseSeptember 5, 2019

Thank you for coming back.
Do you drink enough water? We hear the phrase “watch out for heatstroke” here and there and everyone has been careful to drink enough water. I also carried around my water bottle and ate a few umeboshi (sour pickled plums) a day to avoid dehydration. I thought I did, but obviously it wasn’t enough. When I went to a clinic for the cold I caught a few weeks ago, I was told to drink an oral rehydration solution. I guess the result of my urine test suggested dehydration. In addition, when I just happened to watch the feature episode about “water” on NHK BS “New Common Sense about Beauty and Youth: Secrets of the Body,” I was enlightened. This summer I had been having skin problems, and I got to know that it was caused by loss of water. My headaches and fatigue may have come from dehydration…
Then I realized that the easiest way to become healthy and beautiful is rehydration, so I started drinking a glass of water 8 times a day (when I get up, at 3 meals, at 10:00 and 15:00, while I am taking a bath, and before going to bed). Then, I started making a home-made honey oral rehydration solution. Well, it may be working. I feel like I can survive from the lingering summer heat! I hope we will have a great autumn!

Weekly Column Kanda This and That

*The information herein is as of September 2019.

Writer:Fumiko Ogawa

The wife of a couple who run a bakery near Kanda Station, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. She writes mainly about everyday and miscellaneous matters that happen around her and also in her neighborhood. She distributes her writings as "Weekly Column Kanda This and That" to the shop's customers and they are very popular. She is from Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture.