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Ever Evolving Shibuya


ReleaseNovember 25, 2019

Shibuya, Tokyo is the cutting-edge town in fashion, culture, and youth culture. With the large-scale development projects in process in front of Shibuya Station, new buildings are opening one after another. If you have visited Shibuya before, you should be surprised by how much the town has changed. Let’s visit ever-evolving Shibuya at this moment!

Opened on Nov.1!


The tallest large-scale complex facility in Shibuya area, with a height of about 230 meters with 47 floors aboveground. Directly connected to Shibuya Station, 213 tenants, including shops and restaurants, will open on the 2nd basement to 14th floors.

The most recommended
©Shibuya Station District Joint Building Business
From this open-air rooftop observatory, which is one of the biggest observatories in Japan, you can have a panoramic view of various famous sites, including the scramble crossing, Tokyo Tower, and Mount Fuji. You can lay down on the artificial lawn and relax while looking at the sky without having any obstruction. At night, you will be excited about illumination by searchlight!
9:00-23:00 (last entrance at 22:30)

Opened in November!


©Tokyu Land Corporation
A complex facility with 18 floors opened on the west side of Shibuya Station. On the 1st floor, there is a bus terminal where route buses and airport limousine buses are available. At the rooftop garden on the 17th and 18th floors, you can enjoy drinking while looking down at the scramble crossing.

The most recommended
shibuya-san ※12/5 OPEN
Located in front of the airport limousine bus station on the 1st floor, this tourist information center has staff members with various languages available for offering services. It offers events to promote the interactions between tourists and locals on a regular basis. At night, the drink counter serves alcoholic beverages. You can use this place as a hub for nighttime sightseeing.
10:00-23:00 *Not applicable to some services.

11/22 OPEN!


©2019, Takenaka Corporation
Shibuya PARCO, which was temporarily closed from 2016, re-opened as a “next-generation fashion building” after its major renovation. About 200 tenants are located from the 1st basement floor to the 9th floor.

The most recommended
As a trendsetting spot for Japan Culture, this floor is filled with unique shops and stores, including Nintendo TOKYO, Nintendo’s first official store in Japan, Pokémon Center Shibuya, and Capcom Store Tokyo.

Shibuya River

Did you know there is a river in the middle of Shibuya? The walking path along the river, which stretches about 600 meters and connects 2 popular facilities, is perfect for walking. Stroll around and you will find lots of things and places to see.

SHIBUYA STREAMA large-scale complex facility with restaurants, halls, etc. With many of the restaurants having outdoor terrace seats, you can enjoy food while feeling a comfortable breeze from the river.

Inari Bridge Square
A popular photo-taking spot

Wall Fountain. A comfortable sound of the waterfall!

Q. What are these numbers I see all around in this area?
A. They are the identification numbers for the pillars which used to support the platforms and railways of the old-Toyoko Line Shibuya Station.

This complex facility consists of 2 buildings with various tenants, including a hotel, cafés, and day-care center for children. As it uses the land which used to be used for railways, the buildings curve gently.

We love Hachiko

The statue of “Hachiko” in front of the station is very famous and popular as a symbol of Shibuya. Hachi was a dog, who waited for his master’s return in front of Shibuya Station for about 10 years after his death, and became famous as a “faithful dog.” The following section introduces you to pretty food and goods with designs of Hachi, the beloved dog of Shibuya.

Tapi-mo Special
Three flavors of tapioca drink served in a cup with a design of “temaneki hachi,” an original character of MEGA Don Quijote Shibuya Honten.
@Tapi-mo Sabo SHIBUYA MEGA Don Quijote Shibuya Honten 1F

Shibuya Fortune Telling Dog
A lucky charm containing a fortune telling message related to “rendezvous.” It fits nicely into your palm and looks very cute.
Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE 11F

Kiwaseisakujo Original Key Charm
An acrylic charm with a cool silhouette of Hachi. Choose your favorite color out of seven colors.

SHIBUYA SKY Original goods
The artistic depiction of Hachi is pretty cool.

Castella Sponge Cake
Castella sponge cake with a design of Toyoko Hachi-ko statue, making a perfect souvenir!
@Tokyu Department Store, Toyoko Store

Winter Event Information

The area around Shibuya Station is decorated with various kinds of dreamy illumination. Enjoy the sparkling town of Shibuya at night!
TIME: Nov. 5 (Tue) – Dec. 31 (Tue) * The event period may vary depending on facilities and areas.
VENUE: Dogen-zaka, Hachi-ko hiroba, Miyamasu-zaka, Shibuya River, Sakura-zaka, Shibuya Chuo-gai, Koen-dori Street, facilities in the area, etc.

Google Pixel presents 表参道マジックイルミネーション2019
Along the main street in Omotesando, 156 Japanese zelkova trees are illuminated with numerous Champaign-colored LED lights. It is the representative winter event of Omotesando, one of the most popular shopping areas in Japan.
TIME: Nov. 28 (Thu) – Dec. 25 (Wed), From the sunset to 22:00 (Only low trees, until Jan. 5)
VENUE: From the Jingu-bashi Crossing to Omotesando Crossing

*The information herein is as of November 2019.