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Digital Art Exhibition “OCEAN BY NAKED”


ReleaseNovember 15, 2019

[Editor’s preface]
I watched variety of marine creatures in the aquarium, experienced diving 30 meters below, and could let my imagination run wild about the deep sea world. I wanted to keep exploring the mystical world. Now, you have a chance to do it here in Tokyo!

A digital art exhibition, “OCEAN BY NAKED,” which was popular in Shanghai, has been held in Yokohama Station Asobuild since October 11 (Fri), for the first time in Japan.

In this immersive digital art exhibition, you can explore the richly colored marine world created by digital technologies, see and touch the creatures living in the ocean of light. With a combination of various technologies, including imaging, virtual, flavor, and sound, a wonderful deep-sea world takes shape, which can be appreciated through the five senses.

The members of WEB att.JAPAN Editorial Department started exploring the ocean!

To the Sea Area

Surrounded by real water, we can listen to the sound of water and feel the comfortable coolness as we are going into the mystical marine world.

to the sea

Fluid Wall Area

Inspired by the beauty of jellyfish, the movement of fluids is visualized digitally using real dyes. The images are created from real images of jellyfish by a 3D CG technology.

Fluid Wall01
Fluid Wall02
Touch a wall with your hand, move the hand in a circular motion several times, and pull away your hand, and you can create a jellyfish. The jellyfish melts into the fluid, disappearing into the ocean. It was such a beautiful moment.

Fluid Wall03

Shoal of Shadows Area

When you stand in front of the wall, your head will turn into any one of the 4 kinds of fish, including bonito, ocean sunfish, sea bream, and Jack mackerel.

shoal of shadow01
At showtime, sardines and a huge black fish play in the ocean, preying and counterattacking. You can see and feel how a school of fish survives in the ocean.

shoal of shadow02

Into the Deep Area

Go 6,500 meters down to the deep-sea world!
With a numeral display of the depth of a submersible vessel’s location, we were going down to the deep-sea world while watching different kinds of creatures at different depths.

into the deep01
into the deep02


If you touch a light in the sand box, marine creatures, such as crabs, shrimp, and starfish, appear randomly. It was a great way to experience the interactive technology.

A crab appeared!

When I touch bubbles on the side wall, more marine creatures of more varieties were born.

The fantasy show began, with a whale, the biggest creature in the ocean, as a guide to travel through the deep sea.

We could see ruins of an ancient city along with deep-sea animals and algae.

I liked “marine snow,” a phenomenon where organic detritus of small marine creatures are continuously falling down to the bottom of the sea. There was a song based on the theme that a repeat of death and regeneration leads to reincarnation.



Through the waves where it feels like we are just waking up from the dream, we came back to the land from the marine world.


Secret Beach Area

Just outside the exhibition area, there is a shop selling original goods.

secret Beach01
secret Beach02
You can try original tapioca drinks.

secret Beach03
At the workshop on the 3rd floor, you can make your own tote bag with stamps of marine creatures.
A daughter and her mother making their own tote bags.

secret Beach04
Event summary
Official name: “OCEAN BY NAKED Hikari no Deep Sea”
Period: October 11, 2019 (Friday) ~ January 27, 2020 (Monday)
Venue: Aso Building Yokohama 2F, 2-9, Takashima Nishi-ku, Yokohama
Official site: https://ocean.naked.works

secret Beach05
*The information herein is as of October 2019.