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“Frozen 2” special collaboration café serving dishes with themes from Elsa and Anna!


ReleaseNovember 28, 2019

Disney’s much anticipated “Frozen 2” premiered simultaneously on November 22 in the US and Japan. In celebration, limited-time pop-up cafés are offering a look into the enchanted world of Elsa and Anna. With venues not only in Tokyo but in Nagoya and Osaka as well, why not take in both movie and café in your area? The menus, as well as the large selection of limited edition gift items, are inspired by the film’s characters.

Frozen 2

Café Menu

The dishes are themed not only to the original characters, Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven but also to a new character in the series.

Frozen 2

A magical plate of muffin sandwich complemented by soup pasta
-Enchanted by intriguing singing voice-

What better way to escape the cold than with a creamy bowl of pasta topped generously with mushrooms? Decorating the meal is a cutout of Elsa braving the stormy sea on a magical horse, a much talked about scene from the promo.

Frozen 2

Hearty sandwiches accompanied by a warm bowl of tomato soup

The set contains Anna’s favorite chicken and cheese sandwiches. The cutout on the plate looks like a much older Anna, but I’ll bet the sandwich is her all-time favorite.

Frozen 2
The and menus each come with a soup bowl that is yours to keep. You may even want to collect both bowls.

Frozen 2

A platter of fun, roly-poly meatballs

Olaf, the comical snowman, with some juicy meatballs. They’re almost too cute to eat!

Frozen 2

A bagel sandwich featuring two adventurous buddies.

A meal chock full of Sven’s favorite carrots.

Frozen 2

Watch what happens when you pour this bright red tomato curry over Salamander.

Salamander is the new character in “Frozen 2.” Magic happens when you pour the curry, mild enough for young appetites, over his rice-shaped self.

Frozen 2
And don’t forget to order your choice of character-inspired beverage. The refreshing lemon smoothie with crunchy ice crystals lends a touch of Elsa’s magic. Coasters are purchasable when ordered with the drink.

Original Goods

“Frozen” fans may purchase from a wide range of goods offered only at the shop inside the café.

Frozen 2
The “Nostalgic” series depicts a bit of grown-up taste.

Frozen 2
Bright colors and cute illustrations characterize the “Deformation” series.

Frozen 2
Merchandise in the shop is not limited to café specific goods. You will find, for instance, multiples of Olaf, so cute and cuddly, you’ll want to take at least one home. No need to eat in the cafe to purchase at the shop, so feel free to drop by.

Frozen 2
Step into the café and you’ll enter the silvery world of the film.

アナと雪の女王2 アナと雪の女王2
Life-sized Anna and Elsa wait to greet you.

Frozen 2
Look for the café in Tokyo on the 3rd floor of the ever popular Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku.
Reserve in advance to avoid waiting in line, plus, you’ll be gifted with an original “Frozen 2” placemat.

Enjoy the special café either before or after the movie, but by all means, enjoy both movie and café.

Click for information on café locations, durations, and advance reservations:


*The information herein is as of November 2019.