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Abundance of fresh vegetables! Introduction to the attractive points of Tōkamachi city, Niigata.


ReleaseNovember 29, 2019

Tōkamachi city in Niigata prefecture is located in the beautiful country side, roughly 2 hours away from Tokyo.
Hokuetsu Express Hokuhoku Line niigata Hokuetsu Express Hokuhoku Line at Tōkamachi Station

Located in the south part of Niigata Prefecture, Tōkamachi city is an area that experiences heavy snowfall, with 2-3 meters of snow in winter. The mineral-rich snow water makes this region famous for its major rice and vegetable production areas.
Let us introduce you to places to visit for great experiences in Tōkamachi.

1. Vegetable harvesting experience

The temperature difference between day and night is significant, which helps crops rest; the stress-free environment makes summer vegetables tasty. The vegetables are grown without chemicals and you can pick them to eat on the spot. They are fresh and juicy!

Tomatoes Tomatoes

Eggplants Eggplants

Kagura pepper Kagura pepper

2. Vegan Sushi Making

Vegan cuisine does not contain any animal products such as meat, fish, egg, or dairy. Vegan sushi, made with mainly vegetables, is colorful and enhances the umami flavor of the vegetables.

Vegan sushi Vegan sushi

Vegan sushi From left: eggplant, lotus root, cucumber, fried kabocha squash, nori-rolled maitake mushroom tempura, asparagus, zucchini-rolled tomato gunkan-maki (battleship roll), dragon roll

3. Visiting a brewery

“Tsumari Beer” is a craft beer brewery founded last year in Tōkamachi city. Up-and-coming “Gosetsu Pale Ale” is a standard-style beer which is easy to drink. This beer received the bronze medal at a beer competition held in Japan. The Japanese-style design of the brand logo is stunning, featuring the Chinese phoenix with tails of rice grains.

Brewery Brewery

Tsumari beer Tsumari beer

4. Hegi Soba

One of the most famous specialties in Tōkamachi city is called Hegi Soba. The delectable soba noodles, served in small bite-sized portions, have smooth, chewy, firm texture. Try Hegi Soba when you visit!

Are you ready for visiting Tōkamachi city?
Only 2 hours away from Tokyo by Shinkansen Line and Hokuhoku Line, Tōkamachi city offers you an opportunity to explore the great nature.
For further information, please visit: https://homehome.jp

*The information herein is as of September 2019.