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Take Tsukuba Express to Enjoy Winter!


ReleaseDecember 10, 2019

One of the 100 Famous Mountains of Japan, Mount Tsukuba, comprising the double peaks of Mount Nyotai (877 meters) and Mount Nantai (871 meters), is a perfect place for your day-trip hiking, since it is located only about one and a half hours away from Akihabara by train and bus and it is the lowest mountain among the 100 Famous Mountains. After coming down the mountain, you can still have lots of fun, especially in the cold winter.

Warm Food

There are lots of delicious ramen shops which serve warm ramen noodles to warm up your body.

Recommended ramen shop: Matsuya Seimenjo
Matsuya Seimenjo This is a noodle factory and shop. The noodles are made with Tsukuba’s local flour “Yumeshiho,” and are characterized by their chewy and smooth texture. Depending on the day, you can observe the noodle making and taste them (payment is required). If the tasting is not being offered, you can buy noodles as souvenirs and enjoy the same taste as the store’s at home.
Access: TX Tsukuba Sta.  60 min. by Tsuku-Bus (Hokubu Shuttle bus route)  get off at Tsukuba-san-guchi (Mount Tsukuba entrance)

Tsukuba Udon
“Tsukuba” in the name of this noodle dish consisting of “Tsu” for “tsukune (chicken meatball),” “Ku” for “kuro-yasai (black vegetables, such as shiitake mushrooms and burdock root), and “Ba” for “bara-niku (ribs).” This noodle dish is made entirely with local ingredients.

Recommended udon shop: Sugimoto-ya
Sugimoto-ya Access: TX Tsukuba Sta.  40 min by direct Tsukuba-san Shuttle Bus  Tsukubasan-jinja Iriguchi (Tsukuba Shrine entrance)

Onsen are the best way to heal your tired body. As onsen water around Mount Tsukuba is mild alkaline containing lots of minerals, it is popularly called “water for beautiful skin.”

Recommended onsen: Tsukuba-san Hotel Aokiya
Tsukuba-san Hotel Aokiya From the open-air bath and the large bath, you can see the extensive Kanto Plain and enjoy great views, such as that of Mount Fuji standing out against the sunset.
Access: TX Tsukuba Sta. 40 min. by Tsukuba-san Shuttle Bus  Tsukubasan-jinja Iriguchi (Tsukuba Shrine entrance)
Business hours: 12:00-15:00 (last admission)
Fee: 1,100 yen (onsen only, no accommodation included)

Enjoy the night view from Mount Tsukuba using Mt. Tsukuba Ticket, which gives you a good deal!

Mount Tsukuba
“Stardust Tsukuba”
running on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays until March 1 (Sun), 2020 (except for the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day)
The night view from the top of Mount Tsukuba has been designated as one of the “Japan Night-view Heritages.” During the period above, the ropeway service is available during the night along with a temporary shuttle bus service. Enjoy the panoramic night view of the entire Kanto Plain.

For more information
Mt. Tsukuba Ticket http://www.mir.co.jp/service/otoku/tukubasan.html

*The information herein is as of December 2019.