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[My favorite Kanda] Delicious lunch selected by our foreign staff


ReleaseJanuary 17, 2020

Many people may have an image that Kanda is a “town of office workers.” It is quite chaotic with many small restaurants, but there are many delicious restaurants hidden in the mix.

In this article, I will introduce “definitely delicious” restaurants that I have chosen as a foreigner from China.
*The order of explanation does not reflect any ranking.

Access to Kanda: JR Chuo Line, Yamanote Line, Keihintohoku Line and Tokyo Metro Ginza Line [Kanda station]. All restaurants are within a 5-minute walk from Kanda station (east exit).

Niigata’s local sake specialty restaurant Monzu

I think their deep-fried chicken is the most delicious in Kanda! Its size is a bit large, its outside crispy and chewy, and its inside succulent. Meat broth comes out when you take a bite.

Tokyo delicious food
Its batter and chicken meat are salted just right so you won’t be able to stop eating it! What makes you happy is the fact that you can eat from 3 to 10 deep-fried chicken pieces at the same price, 950 yen (tax included)! Some may say that it is a little expensive for a lunch, but I will not eat deep-fried chicken anywhere else!

The side-dish menu for deep-fried chicken varies by day.

Address: B1 Kanda GEMS, 1-9-19 Kajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
3-minute walk from Kanda station (east exit)

Hinata-shi Jitokko Association Kanda

Tokyo delicious food
It’s a chicken-dish specialty shop that is directly connected to an association raising Miyazaki’s local chicken, “Miyazaki Jitokko.” For lunch, they also have dishes like chicken namban curry, chicken rice and mini chicken namban, a seafood bowl and negitoro bowl, besides the popular chicken namban set. It has a good nutritional balance with salad, pickled vegetables and miso soup.

Tokyo delicious foodThe classic chicken namban set.
A dish of chicken deep-fried softly, with hand-made tartar sauce made with plenty of egg.

Tokyo delicious foodThe seafood bowl is delicious too!

Tokyo delicious foodSoba noodles simmered in slow-cooked chicken broth.
It tastes even better with yuzu pepper!

Tokyo delicious foodThe restaurant has a nice calm atmosphere where you can feel the warmth of wood.

Tokyo delicious foodThey also have 500 yen-lunch campaigns from time to time.

Address: B1F Feriz Bldg. 2-3-14 Kajicho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
3-minute walk from Kanda station (east exit)

Kassen Ichiba

Tokyo delicious food
This shop has an atmosphere of cleanliness with its white wooden interior. They get their seafood directly from Miura port in Kanagawa on the day of the catch.

Tokyo delicious food
Tokyo delicious food
For lunch, they offer Hyugameshi Ishiyaki Mapo Yakisoba noodles, and also their prized seafood bowl among others.

Tokyo delicious foodOnly on Mondays, you can eat Hyugameshi and Ishiyaki Mapo Yakisoba for 500 yen!

Tokyo delicious foodHyugameshi is a local dish of Ehime, using fresh fish.

The fish is well-pickled in a sauce with white sesame, leek, orange peel, mirin, soy sauce and sake. Mixing it with beaten egg, you put this on freshly cooked rice and eat it.

Address: 2F 2-13-24 Kajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
1-minute walk from Kanda station (east exit)

*Please note that there may be changes in restaurant information, menus and prices after our coverage.

Author: Sammi

*The information herein is as of December 2019.