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Nishi-nippori Petit Trip


ReleaseFebruary 7, 2020

Have you ever walked through the town of Nishi-nippori?
Nishi-nippori Station is where many lines converge, including the JR Yamanote, Keihintohoku, Tokyo Metro Chiyoda and Nippori/Toneri lines. Although many people change trains here or pass through this station, not many people know what Nisi-nippori town is actually like. Let’s go for a walk in the attractive Nishi-nippori area – from the lively area surrounding the station, to the Yanesen area in the west.

西日暮里Nishi-nippori Station

First, go to the right after exiting the ticket gate at JR Nishi-nippori Station.

Nishi-nippori Scramble
This complex, located at the intersection of Dokanyama Street and the overpass, opened in December 2019. On the first-floor, there are six unique stores including eateries, shops and bookstores. The second floor is a standing bar that is open in the evening.

・Nishi-nippori BOOK APARTMENT
西日暮里BOOK APARTMENT Each cubed 31cm book shelf is a little book store that has a different owner. It is fun just looking at the different boxes, each with its own personality, but please also put them in your hands so you can experience encounters with books that you may have never seen.

SPICESH There is a standing curry restaurant where the scent of spices whets one’s appetite. You can add toppings using vegetables bought from TAYORI MARKET next door. There is also some space where you can sit and eat.

・Guruguru Gelato
ぐるぐるジェラートThey offer a different flavored gelato each day, made of milk directly delivered from Hokkaido farms.

ぐるぐるジェラートIt is also nice that we can enjoy changes in flavor, with free toppings provided on the counter.

ぐるぐるジェラート We had the bright-yellow “Pumpkin.” We left it to them to recommend our toppings and their choices were: Moringa powder, walnuts and kaminari okoshi (a traditional Tokyo confection!)

ぐるぐるジェラートTheir cup is cute too.

西日暮里 After enjoying the Nishi-nippori Scramble, we crossed the station overpass, to the west along Dokanyama Street.

This shop with an attractive orange door is a boulangerie that Ms. N from the editorial department suggested. We were distracted by the various types of bread on the shelf, which looked so delicious.

iANAK We bought the “Petit baguette of citrus junos, walnut and white chocolate” and “meat pie” flavored varieties, as suggested by the store.
The quiche, only offered on weekends, looked delicious too. It might be nice to buy freshly-baked bread to eat in the park nearby.

よみせ通りThe “Yomise Street” sign appeared on the left as we were walking down Dokanyama Street.

よみせ通りThis is “Yomise Street,” which leads to Yanaka Ginza. This used to be a very busy street, lined with night stalls.

延命地蔵尊 延命地蔵尊Enmei Jizoson

There are funny-faced panels too.

tokyokitsch 和楽やThere are many interesting stores such as those collecting interesting Japanese goods and selling containers.

あめ細工吉原 Amezaiku Yoshihara
There was a store where you can experience “candy shaping,” where you can make rabbits and little birds. This store is only for experiencing so to actually buy candy, go to the Sendagi Honten (main store), which is a 15-minute walk from here.

マザーインディア“Mother India,” an Indian restaurant recommended by Ms. N from our editorial department.

マザーインディアThe drink menu on the window is unique.

すずらん通りIt is exciting taking a look down the narrow alleys.

谷根千ツーリストインフォメーションYanesen Tourist Information & Cultural Center, where you can experience calligraphy.

We came across a street full of people.
谷中ぎんざYanaka Ginza
Let’s walk into “Yanaka Ginza” from here.

“Waguri-ya Tokyo (Yanaka),” a store for which the lines never end.

金吉園 “Kanekichien” is a store that offers tea and ceramic vases, as well as many cute rice bowls.

HAKKODO “HAKKODO,” offering fermented food.

ZAKUROらんぷ屋“ZAKURO lamp store,” a specialty store that offers Turkish mosaic lamps.

ZAKUROらんぷ屋Many people gathered around the store to experience lamp-making.

やなかしっぽや“Yanakashippoya” offers baked donuts that feature cat tails and is our editorial member’s favorite.

やなかしっぽやThe names given to the donuts are so cute that it is hard choosing which to eat.

やなかしっぽやWe bought “Nana,” which has banana cream inside. It was freshly baked and delicious.

夕焼けだんだんYanaka Ginza ends here.

夕焼けだんだんWe climbed up the stairs “Yuyake Dan Dan,” which is also a great spot to watch the sunset.

夕焼けだんだん There was still some time left before the sunset, but the sky was beautiful.

You will reach Nippori Station if you continue straight but let’s stop by at some places.
経王寺Turning left at the corner of Daikokuten Kyoo-ji Temple,

諏訪台通りwe entered Suwadai Street.

富士見坂Fujimi-zaka Slope

富士見坂As you can tell from its name, Mt. Fuji used to be able to be seen from this slope.

諏訪神社Suwa-jinja Shrine

諏訪神社A guardian shrine, which the locals call “Osuwasama,” is said to protect the whole Nippori/Yanaka area.
At the annual festival held here in August, there are more than 100 stalls.

西日暮里公園Suwa-jinja Shrine lies at the back of Nishi-nippori Park.

西日暮里公園The park is quiet and you can forget the bustle of town. It is a relaxing place for the locals.

道灌山Dokanyama, a hill within the park, used to be a famous scenic spot for cherry blossom viewing and moon viewing.

西日暮里When walking through the park, the stairs lead to a pedestrian bridge.

西日暮里 西日暮里 西日暮里駅Going down, our goal, Nishi-nippori Station, appears in front of us.

It took about 2 hours to return to Nishi-nippori Station. Although we made several detours, there were moderate ups and downs, which made for a fun walk.

Why don’t you take a walk around Nishi-nippori, an area full of charms?

*The information herein is as of January 2020.

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