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Let’s take the Tsukuba Express for a hanami, or cherry blossom viewing excursion!


ReleaseMarch 10, 2020

Mt. Tsukuba in springtime is all ablush with the colors of cherry blossoms as well as a myriad of other flora. But that’s hardly all. There are many more famous sakura spots well worth seeing on the Tsukuba Express (TX) Line.

Mirrored reflections on the Fukuoka Dam

Fukuoka Dam boasts its place among the “100 Best Tourism Spots” in Ibaraki Prefecture and is famous as a cherry blossom viewing place. The flowers of the 600 Somei Yoshino cherry trees, a particularly pretty variety, reflect spectacularly on the river parallel to the 1.8km long promenade.
Best time: Early April (Coinciding with the Fukuoka Dam Cherry Blossom Festival)

Access: Free shuttle service is available during the Cherry Blossom Festival from Miraidaira Sta.
Or a 39 min walk from the TX Midorino Sta. (Bus service available part way)

Fukuoka Dam

Early blooming Kawazu-zakura in Shioiri Park along the Sumida River

A delightful characteristic of the Kawazu-zakura is that it blooms earlier than the Somei Yoshino and lasts decidedly longer. And those are the blossoms that line the banks of the Sumida River in Shioiri Park. You’ll want to capture this visit with a photo of the Tokyo Skytree enframed by the boughs of the cherry trees.
Best time: Early March

Access: 12 min walk from TX Minami-Senju Sta.


Casually meeting spring on Mt. Tsukuba

Mt. Tsukuba is relatively close to Tokyo, a convenient 1.5 hours away by train and bus. Vibrant florals bloom in wild abandon on this mountain, the lowest of “Japan’s 100 Most Famous Mountains.” 3,000 azalea shrubs dot the terrain and 30,000 fawn lilies, which are precious to be seen in nature, spread out in drifts. How about going for a casual hike just to see all the flowers?
You can take advantage of a convenient “Mt. Tsukuba Ticket” discount ticket.
Best times:
Cherry blossoms: Late March to early April
Fawn lilies: Early April (near the peak)
Azaleas: Late April (at around 300m), mid-May (near the peak)
Anemones: Mid-April

Mt. Tsukuba Mt. Tsukuba Mt. Tsukuba Mt. Tsukuba

Stroll among Higashi-Ayase Park’s 17 types of sakura

Saunter along the U-shaped promenade, under a full-blooming canopy of 17 species of sakura, including the famous Somei Yoshino. In their full bloom, a spendid tunnel of sakura is formed. You will also be charmed by sight of the picturesque branches leaning over the water.
Best time: Early April

Access: 15-min. walk from TX Aoi Sta.

Higashi-Ayase Park

For more information
Mt. Tsukuba Ticket http://www.mir.co.jp/service/otoku/tukubasan.html


*The information herein is as of March 2020.