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Tokyo’s New “Cool Japan” Spots—Explore them!


ReleaseMarch 10, 2020

Subcultures!Nakano (Nakano City)

From anime, manga and, figurines to pop idol-related merchandise -They’re all here! Start digging and you might even unearth something really rare!

Anime!Ogikubo (Suginami City)

The area with the most anime-producing companies in Japan, Ogikubo is “the home of anime”! You can even find a museum where you can try anime creation for free.

Cosplay and Otaku!Ikebukuro (Toshima City)

Toshima City, the place where Ikebukuro Station stands, is deeply steeped in cosplay culture. Walking around the area, you’ll certainly run into cosplayers. This place is going to be a hub of “Otaku Culture” in 2020, so don’t miss it!

Ogikubo Station Area

Tokyo Polytechnic University Suginami Animation Museum
Learn more about anime history and the studios that create anime, and even try your hand at making it and postrecording! There is multi-language support so, no need to worry about communication.
Free admission, closed on Mondays(irregularly closed)
Scheduled operation period: Apr. 8 to Jul. 5,2020 for the next planned exhibition of anime”FAIRY TAIL”!
For more information about the area around Ogikubo Station, check here:

Nakano Station Area

Nakano Broadway
Everything and anything related to manga, anime, pop idols, and even vintage toys in a cluster of very specialty stores lined one after the other have made Nakano Broadway really popular. Enjoy its chaotic atmosphere!

ufotable Cafe/Machi★Asobi CAFE Tokyo
The ufotable Cafe is the studio that produces popular anime titles like “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.” Also the cafe is a hot spot for animerelated events.Anime ufotable
For more information about the area around Nakano Station, check here:
(machine translation only)

Ikebukuro Station Area

As a ground zero for anime culture, Ikebukuro hosts international events including “Ikebukuro Halloween Cosplay Festival,” “Animate Girls Festival,” and “Tokyo Anime Award Festival.” In 2020, things will get even bigger as it will be hosting the new “Otaku Summit.”

For more information about the area around Ikebukuro Station, check here:

*The information herein is as of February 2020.