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Fun and Exciting Visit to “BanG Dream!” Sites!


ReleaseMarch 10, 2020

“BanG Dream!” is a next-generation girls’ band project. It is a media franchise consisting of anime, games, comics and real live concerts by voice actresses. The series revolves around live performances of the band formed by Kasumi Toyama and her friends, who are high school students. Its anime version, “BanG Dream! 3rd Season,” has been broadcast since January 2020 and has gained much popularity. What makes it appealing to fans is the link between the anime characters and the real live concerts; groups formed by the voice actresses have actively performed live concerts.
Bang Dream
The area along the Tokyo Sakura Tram (Toden Arakawa Line) is home to numerous settings of “BanG Dream!”. For example, Hanasakigawa Girls’ High School that the girls attend is located near Waseda Stop. An impressive scene that strengthens the bond of the band members takes place in Edogawa Park, near the stop. Throughout the story, you will come across the areas around the stops including Asukayama, Omokagebashi, Gakushuinshita and Otsuka-ekimae. Take Tokyo Sakura Tram and experience the girls’ everyday lives.

Limited Time Project! Tokyo Sakura Tram Teams Up with “BanG Dream!”

Tokyo Sakura Tram will operate “BanG Dream! Train,” which is the 8501 train specially decorated with famous scenes from “BanG Dream! 3rd season” and Poppin’Party members until March 31, 2020. Waseda, Asukayama, and some other stops display large posters and information boards of popular sites along the railway line.

One-day unlimited ride on Tokyo Sakura Tram: “Toden One-day pass” is convenient and a great deal!
Adult 400 yen, Child 200 yen

*The information herein is as of February 2020.