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Happy Relief! Enjoy seasonal fruits in the fruit kingdom of Fukushima while being soothed by fresh greenery!


ReleaseMarch 18, 2020

Marusei Orchard
After the cherry blossom season, the season of radiant greenery begins. In May, the temperature starts to rise in Fukushima prefecture, covering it in the fresh greenery of the surrounding trees and mountains. This creates an enjoyable contrast between the beautiful shades of green weaving throughout the area. Once the season changes from fresh greenery into summer, this signals that the season of fruits has begun. One can enjoy fruit picking as well as desserts that use these fruits abundantly at the many orchards located in the prefecture. For this issue, we will be introducing the recommended spots for seeing the fresh greenery as well as the orchards for fruit picking!

Recommended Spots for Seeing Fresh Greenery Top 3

1. Mount Azuma-kofuji

Mount Azuma-kofuji
Mount Azuma-kofuji is a mountain located in Fukushima-shi, Fukushima Prefecture with an altitude of 1707m, and it is named “kofuji” because it looks like a smaller version of Mount Fuji. Although seeing the coloring of the leaves in autumn is also recommendable, taking a stroll during the freshly green season is amazing! If you walk 10 minutes from Jodotaira parking lot and follow the trail up to the mountain, you will find yourself near the edge of the volcanic crater. If you do a lap around the crater, you will be able to see a sweeping view of Jodotaira and Fukushima City. It takes less than an hour to do a lap, but we recommend being very cautious when walking around the crater.

2. Tatsuzawafudo Falls

Tatsuzawafudo Falls
Tatsuzawafudo Falls is located in Inawashiro town in Fukushima prefecture, and it is popular to not only tourists but waterfall fanatics and photographers throughout the prefecture. At the end of the waterfall there is a place where a Fudoson was enshrined thus being known as a power spot. There is a mystical atmosphere to this waterfall already, but it is especially beautiful during the season of fresh greenery. Not only can you look at it from the sightseeing tower, but you can also take a look from the edge of the waterfall. When it’s sunny, you might even be able to see a rainbow. If you’re able to see the waterfall and a rainbow, consider yourself lucky!

3. Oguni-numa Pond

Oguni-numa Pond
Oguni-numa Pond
Oguni-numa Pond has been appointed as one of the rare Special Natural Monuments. Around the period of June until around October, there are approximately 300 species of alpine plants that bloom. Especially during June and July the orange-yellow day lily blooms all over, and the area is covered in yellow carpeting. To protect this beautiful piece of nature, measures such as vehicle regulation during the high season has been taken. We ask for your cooperation in following the rules as well as protecting this rare natural monument. Please come and visit the number one place in Japan where orange-yellow day lilies bloom, Oguni-numa Pond!

After Fresh Greenery is the time for the Fruit Season!

Fruit picking calendar

Fruit picking calendar *Varies depending on the weather.

Fukushima is known country-wide for being 2nd place in harvesting peaches, however it is a fruit kingdom that produces many other fruits! In the fruit kingdom of Fukushima peaches, apples, pears, grapes, and cherries can be enjoyed throughout the year. This is thanks to the climate where the days are long and there isn’t much precipitation, allowing delicious fruits to be produced throughout the four seasons. For this edition, we will introduce fruit orchards that we recommend you stop by at.

1. Azuma Orchard

Azuma Orchard
Azuma Orchard
Azuma Orchard is a fruit orchard located alongside the fruit line in Fukushima. The layout of the orchard is barrier-free and also has wheel-chair accessible restrooms so that visitors using wheel-chairs can enjoy the facility with ease. Besides peaches, the orchard sells and produces seasonal fruits such as cherries, pears and grapes which are also used to make the very popular seasonal fruit soft-serve! Please come and taste the fruits at Azuma orchard that are nourished and grown with love!

2. Marusei Orchard

Marusei Orchard
Marusei Orchard
Marusei Orchard is not located on the fruit line but an orchard located alongside the peach line. Being the size of two Tokyo Domes, this orchard produces over 50 types of fruits and over 10 different types of peaches. It’s not just a place for fruit picking! Located close to the market is a cafe called “Mori no Garden” which uses the ripest fruits in the orchard to make delicious desserts filled with fruit! The peach parfait is an absolute must, having fans that come to the orchard just to eat this parfait. Why not stop by the farm cafe “Mori no Garden” where you can enjoy delicious parfaits throughout the seasons?

3. Oono Nouen

Oono Nouen
Oono Nouen
The last place that we recommend is Oono Nouen located in Ishikawacho. Besides fruit picking, one can enjoy fun events throughout the year such as cherry blossom viewing in the spring, the farm beer garden in the summer, and baking apples over a bonfire in the winter. The joint establishment, cafe “Oregano” is popular for its homemade juices and original desserts as well as pizzas made from the fresh fruits and vegetables from Oono Noen and surrounding orchards in Fukushima! Other popular items perfect for souvenirs or as a gift include beautifully packaged snacks, fruity craft beers, juices, jams, and other processed goods. There aren’t many orchards where you can have this much fun regardless of the fruit harvesting season. Please come and visit Oono Nouen in Ishikawacho!

After the cherry blossom season comes the season of fresh greenery and fruits! There are so many things to enjoy during this season, you can’t miss it! It’s impossible not be in awe of the abundant nature in Fukushima! Be soothed by the tender greenery while tasting the fresh fruits only available in Fukushima!