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Announcement about COVID-19 infection prevention measures


ReleaseApril 2, 2020

Currently, as countermeasures to curb the spread of the coronavirus, business hours have been changed at various places, including sightseeing facilities, and many events have been postponed or canceled all over Japan.
For the latest information and infection prevention measures related to the novel coronavirus disease, please check the website of JNTO:

JNTO (Japan Safe travel) on Twitter:

JNTO Japan Visitors Hotline:
Phone Number(in Japan): 050-3816-2787
From Overseas: +81-50-3816-2787

We truly sympathize with the situations of people all over the world and would like to express our sincere support.
Until the day this situation improves and we can enjoy travelling again, att.JAPAN will continue to send you information about Japan.
For information to plan your future trip to Japan, please keep in touch with att.JAPAN.

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