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Detailed Explanation: What Makes Yomiuriland Great?


ReleaseJune 21, 2020

Yomiuriland is the largest amusement park in the greater Tokyo area, situated at the border of Tokyo’s Inagi City and Kanagawa Prefecture’s Kawasaki City. It can be reached by train in just 30 minutes from Shinjuku or Shibuya.

Yomiuriland has many rides to enjoy like other amusement parks, but that’s not all that makes it special. The whole park’s charm and personality changes with the days and the seasons.

One New Attraction After Another

Yomiuriland was opened to the public in 1964, giving it over half a century of history. Since its opening, the park has been continually expanded upon with new attractions. The Sky Shuttle cable car ride was built in 1999, with the Keio Line’s Keio Yomiuriland Station providing convenient access to the park by train. By riding the Sky Shuttle, you can see cherry blossoms in spring and festive lighting during winter. In 2012, the indoor children’s playground KID-O-KID was built, allowing for parents and children to enjoy themselves even in rainy or windy weather. In 2014, the Nippon TV Lan Lan Hall was completed. Japan’s first-ever “flying floor” ride was installed, letting guests enjoy all sorts of views from above. Lastly, Japan’s first hands-on construction playground Goodjoba!! arrived in 2016.

YomiurilandView of cherry blossoms from above via the “Sky Shuttle” cable car ride

YomiurilandIn the Goodjoba!! area, customers can create a unique, personalized bowl of Nissin U.F.O. instant fried noodles.

Yomiuriland“Splash U.F.O.,” an attraction in the Goodjoba!! area

Ride along on rubber rafts, spinning around like how Nissin U.F.O. instant fried noodles are made.

In spring 2020, HANA・BIYORI, an all-new style of digital botanical flower garden, was opened next to Yomiuriland. It boasts one of Japan’s largest interior botanical flower gardens, which entertains its guests along with digital art shows and small-clawed otter exhibits. Don’t miss the first Starbucks location in a Japanese botanical garden, either!

Yomiuriland HANA・BIYORIHANA・BIYORI, a new kind of botanical flower garden that combines flowers with digital entertainment.

Also, the outer-space-themed SPACE Factory will be opening in spring 2021, in collaboration with Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The main attractions will include space travel and the manufacturing process of Lipovitan D.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the attractions Yomiuriland has to offer!

For Thrill-seekers of All Types: 43 Different Attractions

Yomiuriland has 43 different attractions in all! From thrilling roller coasters, to the freefalls of the Crazy Hyuuuu/Crazy Stooon, to 360-degree rotating thrill rides, to the only bungee jumping experience in Tokyo! You’ll want to come again and again to see and enjoy it all.

YomiurilandIts Number 1 coaster, Bandit, has repeated ups and downs with a top speed of 110 kph (68 mph)

YomiurilandSpin Runway is the first-ever spiral-lift roller coaster in Japan!

YomiurilandThe Looping Starship leans left and right as it makes powerful 360-degree vertical rotations.

YomiurilandLoop Coaster MOMOnGA is Japan’s first-ever standing rotating roller coaster.

Fall 25 meters (82 feet) straight into a somersault! There are also sitting coasters, so test your courage if you’re looking for a thrill.

YomiurilandFeel the excitement of freefalling on Crazy Hyuuuu/Crazy Stooon

Sights that only those who ascend 60 meters (196 feet) up into the air can enjoy once you’re at the top!

YomiurilandTokyo’s only bungee jumping facilities

In addition to its many thrill rides, family attractions and attractions for kids like The Plaza Street of the Sun, Flag Street, and the Goodjoba!! area are available, letting families enjoy their day together.

YomiurilandBuild a car with custom parts and watch it run at the Custom Garage.

With a VR headset, you can travel back in time and into the distant future!

YomiurilandA huge “ball coaster”-shaped attraction

There are 24 mini-games in this attraction alone! Parents and kids put their heads together to earn points by moving the balls through the coaster.

For Romantics: Multicolored Decorative Lights “Jewellumination”

Every fall and winter, Yomiuriland holds Jewellumination, Tokyo’s biggest show of decorative lights, with a total lit area equal to the size of eight Tokyo Domes. Ms. Motoko Ishii designed these lights, including replicas of Tokyo Tower and the Rainbow Bridge. These lights look even better when you look at them from on a ride!

You can learn more about Jewellumination by reading this article:
“Yomiuriland Jewellumination® — Jewel-colored world of Greek mythology”:

YomiurilandThe park sparkles like multicolored jewels

YomiurilandShot of the entrance

YomiurilandCute “Lantern Dance”

YomiurilandRomantic ice-skating rink with a huge fountain show

YomiurilandSlide down illuminated slopes

YomiurilandPhoto spots for couples

For Lovers of Summer Fun: Enjoy the Feeling of a Pool Resort in Tokyo

Yomiuriland’s water park WAI (Water Amusement Island) has five pools and three different slides, enough to allow children and adults alike to enjoy refreshment during summer. The main pool has simulated ocean waves of up to 0.6 meters (2 feet) in height, and the diving pool is 5 meters (16 feet) deep, with a diving board 2 meters (6.5 feet) high, providing all kinds of entertainment. There are also many exciting stage performances and water shows.

YomiurilandExciting water shows

YomiurilandTry the high dive.

YomiurilandIt feels just like a tropical resort.

YomiurilandHave a blast this summer.

At nighttime, lighting, music, and color bubbles add to the romantic atmosphere, with a limited-time beer garden also available.

YomiurilandGreat shots for social media!

YomiurilandドYou can feel as if you watching the sunset from the island.

For Flower Lovers: Fly Into a World of Pink Cherry Blossoms

Have you ever seen cherry blossoms from a cable car, a roller coaster, or a Ferris Wheel? Well, at Yomiuriland, you can.

Yomiuriland cherry blossomsThe cable cars seem to sail into a sea of pink.

Yomiuriland cherry blossomsYou can enjoy roller coasters that race through cherry-blossoming trees only at Yomiuriland!

Yomiuriland cherry blossomsYomiuriland’s landscape changes to lavish pink in the spring.

Yomiuriland cherry blossomsBeautiful night lighting of cherry blossoms

Spend your next spring season at Yomiuriland!

Yomiuriland is partially closed to prevent the spread of Covid-19. For more information, please check our website: https://www.yomiuriland.com/en/
The botanical flower garden HANA・BIYORI has reopened on Monday, June 1. For more information, please check our website: https://www.yomiuriland.com/hanabiyori/en/


Yomiuriland Jewellumination® — Jewel-colored world of Greek mythology
Yomiuriland Jewellumination® — Jewel-colored world of Greek mythology
Illumination that brightens Japan in winter. You can enjoy illumination in vario.....