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Idyllic Rural Views at Koiwai Farm in Spring


ReleaseAugust 24, 2020

Writer: Ayumi

Koiwai Farm has extensive grounds and is located near the bottom of Mount Iwate in Iwate Prefecture, in the Tohoku area. With opportunities to come in contact with animals and nature, enjoy delicious food from the farm, and experience various cultural attractions, this farm offers an enjoyable time for both children and adults. Our att.JAPAN editorial members paid a visit to the farm.

Koiwai Farm
The huge lawn area, with the majestic Mount Iwate in the background, is perfect for relaxing. For children, it is a great place to run around.

During the “Golden Week Holiday” in early May, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom!Cherry blossoms

horseback riding There are various farm animals, including sheep, cows, and horses. You can feed and ride on a pony. How about riding “Toro-basha,” a unique horse-drawn tram, recreated based on the horse tram that used to operate at this farm?


Specialty food items, made with dairy products from the farm, are must-tries! First, we tried the farm’s famous soft-served ice cream, which has a rich milky flavor. It was so delicious that we couldn’t stop ourselves from ordering gelato. There are also various restaurants offering cheese-loaded pizza and BBQ.

After we had satisfied our hunger, we went to one of the highlights of this historical farm, the “Kamimaru Cattle Barns.” Koiwai Farm has 21 historical buildings, which have been designated as National Important Cultural Properties. Most of the barns and silos are still in use.

Having been built more than 100 years ago, they are said to be Japan’s oldest existing silos.

Surrounding the barn, there are about 90 cherry trees, which – along with the cultural property – created an impressive and idyllic landscape

History of Koiwai Farm

Established in 1891, this historical farm was cultivated from intact barren vegetation, which was then developed into the current farm. One of the founders, Masaru Inoue, contributed significantly to the development of the modern railways in Japan. It is said that this large farm was developed on this land because he wanted to compensate for the beautiful pastoral landscape that was destroyed due to the construction of nationwide railroads.
Impressed by his idea, Yanosuke Iwasaki, the then-president of Mitsubishi, and Gishin Ono, the vice president of the Japan Rail Company at the time, worked with Inoue to start a farm, which was named “Koiwai Farm” based on the first letters of their names.

“Ippon-zakura,” which stands alone in the meadow about 20 minutes on foot from “Makiba-en,” was in full bloom. It was a breathtaking sight, just like a painting.

For more details about Ippon-zakura, please check out “Feature Article: Sakura-viewing Spots.”

Koiwai Farm
It is highly recommended to enjoy beautiful scenery at Koiwai Farm!

Please check out the latest information on the farm’s official website:

*Most of the photos were taken in May 2018.
*The information herein is as of August 2020.

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