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Looks great! Tastes great! Sweets to try in Japan.


ReleaseOctober 7, 2020

Get ready to find some impressive and irresistible desserts available in Japan which are instagrammable ego-boosters!


Parfait, coffee, sake, Sato

Savoring a parfait as a refreshment after drinking has become a cultural trend in the past few years across Japan. Originated in Sapporo City, Hokkaido – known as a land of dairy farming – this distinctive dessert culture has become so widespread there has recently been an upward trend in parfait shops that are open only in the nighttime.

Very famous for its refreshment parfaits, this café bar in Sapporo sees a long queue in the nighttime. Serving select coffee and liquor, this popular night café features an elaborate Japanese interior design which enhances the colorful parfaits. Made with locally produced milk, the soft serve and sorbet are all handmade. Similarly, this Hokkaido dessert bar commits to using fine locally-sourced ingredients such as wheat and red azuki beans.
Parfait, coffee, sake, Sato Parfait, coffee, sake, Sato Parfait, coffee, sake, Sato Parfait, coffee, sake, Sato

Try out the café’s distinctive “Beans, Plums and Hojicha Tea,” edamame cream and nanko-ume plum sorbet served in a cocktail glass.
Parfait, coffee, sake, Sato Parfait, coffee, sake, Sato Parfait, coffee, sake, Sato

Address: 1-6-1 Minami 2-jo (Nijo) Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo City, Hokkaido
Access: 2 min walk from Odori Sta. or Hosui-Susukino Sta. (Subway)
Hours: 18:00-24:00 (L.O. 23:30) (Tue-Thur)
18:00-26:00 (L.O. 25:30) (Fri)
13:00-26:00 (L.O. 25:30) (Sat)
13:00-24:00 (L.O. 23:30) (Sun, holidays)
Closed: Mon (open when it falls on a national holiday)

Fukushima Prefecture

Nagatoya (Main branch)

Founded in 1848, Nagatoya is a traditional Japanese confectionary shop. “Fly Me to The Moon,” which is its latest sweets trend, is a beautiful yokan confectionary line that amazes you with images varying for each cut end!
Nagatoya (Main branch) Nagatoya (Main branch)
Fly Me to The Moon Fly Me to The Moon

These image sequences feature a bird flying toward a full moon from a crescent moon against the backdrop of slightly changing mountains and scenery. Featuring lemon yokan (azuki red bean yokan-based) and Manchurian walnut and raisin toppings, this Japanese Western hybrid chic confectionary line pairs perfectly with tea and wine.
Fly Me to The Moon Fly Me to The Moon

Nagatoya (Main branch) Nagatoya (Main branch) Nagatoya (Main branch)

Address (Main branch): 2-10 Kawara-machi, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima
Access: 10 min walk from JR Nishi-Wakamatsu Sta.
Hours: 9:00-17:00
Closed: New year holidays
https://nagatoya.net/?mode=f7 (English)

Nara Prefecture


Located in Nara Prefecture known for its Nara Park deer, Tsunoya is a unique shop that exclusively sells deer horn-shaped confectionary products (“tsuno” means “horns”). Featuring a cute deer with financier horns, “Tunoya Soft Serve” is available in matcha and vanilla as well as in various seasonal flavors. “Tsunoya Financier” will make perfect gifts.
Tunoya Soft Serve Tunoya Soft Serve
Tunoya Soft Serve Tunoya Soft Serve
Tunoya Soft Serve Tsunoya Financier Tsunoya Financier
Tsunoya Financier Tsunoya Financier

Address: 10-1 Aburasaka Jikata-cho, Nara City, Nara
Access: 3 min walk from JR Nara Sta.
*For the business hours and regular holidays, please contact the shop.


Okayama Prefecture

Kurashiki Momoko

Known as the prefecture with the longest daylight hours in Japan, Okayama produces large amounts of fruits such as muscat grapes and peaches, allowing people to savor desserts featuring fresh fruits throughout the year. Since the “Okayama, the town of fruit parfaits” project was launched about a decade ago, fruit parfaits have become local signature dishes.

This parfait shop regularly serves four types of parfaits featuring seasonal fruits such as peaches, shine muscat grapes, mangos, strawberries and the like. The most popular is “Marugoto (whole) Peach Parfait” available from mid-June through late September. This impressive-looking parfait features a whole peach sourced from Okayama, which contains a luxurious combination of heavy whipping cream, custard cream and Japanese-style young peach glacé.
Marugoto Peach Parfait まるごと桃パフェ
Marugoto Peach Parfait Marugoto (whole) Peach Parfait

Kurashiki Momoko Kurashiki Momoko Kurashiki Momoko
Address: Kurashiki Chuo Branch: 13-18 Chuo, Kurashiki City, Okayama
Access: 13 min walk from JR Kurashiki Sta.
Hours: 10:00-18:00 (from Nov. to Feb, 10:00-17:00)
*For the business hours and regular holidays, visit the café on Instagram.

*The information herein is as of August 2020.

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