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Exploring the fascination of “Osaka Ukiyo-e Museum” where you can casually enjoy the world of ukiyo-e


ReleaseMarch 10, 2021

Ukiyo-e, one of the Japanese painting styles that attracted worldwide-famous painter Gogh so much that he reportedly incorporated the technique into his work, depicts various kinds of things, including the trends of the people in the Edo Period (17th century ~ late 19th century). As one of the representative arts in Japan, ukiyo-e continues to exert great influence on many artists both in Japan and other countries.

Osaka UKIYOE Museum

Since the Olympic Games were scheduled to be held in Japan in 2020, many exhibitions were held all over Japan with the aim to let more people know about ukiyo-e.

Osaka UKIYOE Museum
Osaka Ukiyo-e Museum is the place where you can see ukiyo-e on a permanent exhibition. With a desire to make more people become familiar to ukiyo-e and let them enjoy it casually on the sidelines while strolling in Osaka, the museum was established.

Osaka UKIYOE Museum
Although the museum is located at Shinsaibashi, one of the biggest entertainment districts in Osaka, you can appreciate ukiyo-e quietly and closely.
Including the masterpieces by the 4 greatest ukiyo-e artists, Katsushika Hokusai, Utagawa Hiroshige, Kitagawa Utamaro, and Toshusai Sharaku, as well as those with some link to Osaka, a large number of ukiyo-e are in its collection.

Osaka UKIYOE Museum
The highlight may be “The Great Wave off Kanagawa,” which is said to be the most famous among Hokusai’s series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji. It is definitely the world-class art that continues to influence artists all over the world. As this masterpiece is on permanent exhibition at this museum, you can enjoy it anytime.

Osaka UKIYOE Museum
After fully appreciating ukiyo-e, you can end your museum visit by selecting souvenirs from the museum shop. The shop is available to everyone for free. A wide selection of items, including ukiyo-e painting, books, post cards, and T-shirts, will make perfect souvenirs.

Osaka UKIYOE Museum
If you are an ukiyo-e fan, it will be exciting to get either an original ukiyo-e created in the 19th century or a replica of ukiyo-e and put it on your wall.

The best part of Osaka Ukiyo-e Museum is its easy-to-access nature. While you enjoy delicious local dishes as much as you like, you can still drop by the museum to enjoy Japanese art.

Osaka Ukiyo-e Museum
Fujiya Shinsaibashi Bldg. 3 F, 2-2-23 Shinasaibashisuji, Chuo-ku, Osaka
5 min. on foot from the exit 6 of Shinsaibashi Sta. on Osaka Metro
Tel: 06-4256-1311
1,000 yen for adults
10:00~17:00 (the last entrance is 16:30)
Closed on Mondays (if holiday Monday, it is open) and the year-end and new-year holidays

*In consideration of the situation with COVID-19, the business hours are subject to change. Please check our homepage before visiting us:

*The information herein is as of March 2021.

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