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Expect the best cost performance! Introducing a restaurant in central Tokyo offering fresh seafood at reasonable prices


ReleaseApril 19, 2021

Located 5 minutes on foot from subway Mita Station, “Mita Gyokai Center,” which is commonly called “Mita-gyo,” is a place where you can enjoy fresh seafood at reasonable prices.

From subway Akabanebashi Station near Tokyo Tower, we walked to the restaurant away from Tokyo Tower. Since you can feel the powerful presence of Tokyo Tower as one of the symbols of Tokyo close-up, this route to get to the restaurant is recommended.

Tokyo Tower

Go around a bit to the back of the main street, Mita-dori, and you will find the restaurant. Right away you can spot the unique exterior with drawings of fish.

Izakaya Mita Gyokai Center

As soon as we were seated, we started ordering oysters, clams, and abalones. A restaurant worker fished them up from the huge fish tank inside the restaurant. The smell of the sea whets the appetite.

Izakaya Mita Gyokai Center

Izakaya Mita Gyokai Center

At this restaurant, you cook your own seafood, making it even more fun to eat. Restaurant workers kindly support you with hints for how to cook and eat delicious seafood, so you don’t have to worry about cooking by yourself.

Izakaya Mita Gyokai CenterThe strainer is placed on top to prevent splashing.

The scallop is big, plump, and very juicy. With a few drops of soy sauce, it tastes even better!

Izakaya Mita Gyokai Center
Next, we ordered a whole grilled squid, one of the signature dishes of this restaurant. It is too big to fit on a plate and has a thick flesh with a nice and firm texture. It is really filling! We will definitely order it again!

Izakaya Mita Gyokai Center
Izakaya Mita Gyokai Center
Cook the squid liver at the same time to enjoy as a dip, so the flesh will taste even better.

Izakaya Mita Gyokai CenterYou can keep drinking with this dish!

Of course, there are lots more other dishes than hamayaki-style dishes. The assorted sashimi with fresh seafood directly from Tsukiji market is so colorful that you can see how fresh they are.

Izakaya Mita Gyokai Center
Izakaya Mita Gyokai Center
Grilled pickled saba mackerel is great to eat only with wasabi, no soy sauce. It is very delicious.

Izakaya Mita Gyokai Center
Fresh oysters are from various locations, so you can enjoy different sizes, textures, and tastes to compare them. Salt and lemon enhance the umami taste.

Izakaya Mita Gyokai Center
Umesuisho (strips of shark cartilage served with dried plum) looks beautiful and tastes great, making a perfect accompaniment for alcohol.

Izakaya Mita Gyokai Center
In addition to seafood, various dishes such as karaage (deep-fried chicken), French fries, ramen, and fried rice are also available, so you can enjoy the restaurant even if you are not really into seafood.

Another feature of this restaurant is self-served drinks. For a very reasonable price of 390 yen per 30 minutes, you can drink alcoholic beverages and soft drinks as much as you want. Further, happy hour is from 17:00 to 20:00, where all-you-can-drink is 10 yen per minute. So, even if you keep drinking for 2 hours, it is only 1,200 yen! It is a great system for big drinkers.

Izakaya Mita Gyokai Center
You can pour beer beautifully with a push of a button.

Izakaya Mita Gyokai Center
Create a special drink for yourself. The glass with a character is cute.

Izakaya Mita Gyokai CenterShochu with green tea

Be surprised! The arajiru soup with yellowtail is available as much as you want. The arajiru, which was simmered for a long time, offers rich umami and flavor of fish.

Izakaya Mita Gyokai Center
A plentiful variety of shochu and sake is available along with seafood, so you can spend a happy time. With an all-you-can-drink service, you probably cannot help drinking a bit too much.

Izakaya Mita Gyokai Center
Since the neighborhood area has many embassies, not only Japanese but also people of various nationalities come to this restaurant. You can have a full-fledged hamayaki-style BBQ party right in central Tokyo. Currently, it is also open for lunch, offering various kinds of ramen.

Izakaya Mita Gyokai CenterOyster-based ramen (880 yen)

Izakaya Mita Gyokai Center With a bottle of disinfectant solution at each table, the restaurant offers thorough measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection.

We left the restaurant and enjoyed the close-up view of Tokyo Tower again!
Tokyo Tower

Mita Gyokai Center
Address: 5-16-13 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: 5 min. walk from Mita Sta. (Subway) or Tamachi Sta. (JR). 10 min. walk from Akabanebashi Sta. (Subway)

Writer: M.H.

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*The information herein is as of March 2021.