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Bringing you to a fantastic world! Three attractive spots in the central part of Okinawa’s mainland!


ReleaseMay 18, 2021

Writer: H.M, who is in love with Okinawa and has visited Okinawa more than 10 times!

The central part of Okinawa’s mainland is located only one hour by car from Naha, but it is full of different kinds of charms from those of Naha and isolated islands. Here are three spots that I recommend from this area!

1.American-feel spot

Known as the birthplace of taco rice, Kin Town is located near the US military base, so it is filled with an American atmosphere.

Kunigami County in Okinawa
Kunigami County in Okinawa
At night, you can see American military people are partying at clubs and bars in this area, but it is usually a quiet town during daytime.

King Tacos
In such a quiet district, you can see many people at “King Tacos, Kin Main Store,” the birthplace of taco rice. It is the famous place that made taco rice one of Okinawa’s most popular specialties. Not only locals but also many visitors are there, making a queue on weekends.

King TacosThe most popular dish, “Taco Rice with Cheese and Vegetables” (700 yen including tax)

The taco rice is too big to close the lid of the package! Nicely seasoned ground meat, juiciness of fresh tomato and lettuce, rich flavor of cheese, and slightly spicy taco sauce create a perfect harmony that is really addictive. If you don’t care for spicy food, you can replace the taco sauce with ketchup.

The taco rice is served in a plastic package, so if you cannot finish it you can bring it back.
In addition to the Kin Main Store, there are several branches in Okinawa. So, check it out.

King Tacos Kin Main Store
Address: 4244-4 Kin, Kin-cho, Kunigami County, Okinawa Prefecture

2. Subtropical space

The next recommendation is “Southeast Botanical Gardens” in Okinawa City.

Southeast Botanical Gardens
In the huge garden, you can see subtropical plants only found in southern lands. The facility mainly consists of two areas, “Water Paradise” and “Botanical Garden,” which each have several spots to see here and there.

Southeast Botanical GardensWater Paradise area

Southeast Botanical GardensWater Paradise area

In the facility, you can also see and touch various kinds of animals, such as birds, sheep, capybara, and squirrel monkeys.

Southeast Botanical Gardens Muscovy ducks, aka Taiwan ducks, love food for carp.

Southeast Botanical Gardens

Southeast Botanical GardensIf you feed them, more of their companions will come one after another.

In the bird oasis, you can see various kinds of beautiful birds, such as flamingos and peacocks.

Southeast Botanical GardensFlamingos

Southeast Botanical GardensPeacocks

My most recommended spot is the line of king palm trees, which is the largest in Japan.

Southeast Botanical GardensThe trees are tall and they are planted deeply, making you feel as if you are wandering into a jungle.

Southeast Botanical Gardens
It is the only “spiritual spot” of this particular kind in Japan.

This place is also famous for having one of the biggest illuminations in Okinawa, so you can enjoy it at night during a certain period. For information on the period, please check the website.

Southeast Botanical Gardens
Address: 2146 Chibana, Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture

3. Resort area

The last one but not the least of my recommendations is “Hotel Moon Beach.”

Okinawa Hotel Moon Beach
You can see an emerald-green ocean spreading forth from the back of your guestroom. It is not Hawaii nor Guam, but you can enjoy this spectacular view in the central part of Okinawa.
This hotel is located in Onnason, a village on the western coast of the central part of Okinawa’s mainland, and the whole area around the hotel is one of the biggest resort areas in Japan.

Okinawa Hotel Moon Beach
Okinawa Hotel Moon Beach
Constructed on huge grounds, this hotel creates an open space filled with nature, where the ocean and sky are integrated together and plants, fish, and birds offer a tropical atmosphere.

Okinawa Hotel Moon Beach
The accommodation building surrounds an open ceiling space, which is covered by green curtains of plants. It is a place you must take photos!

Okinawa Hotel Moon BeachUnder the green curtains, you can see various kinds of tropical fish swimming.

Okinawa Hotel Moon BeachThe singing of colorful parrots is heard throughout the building.

Okinawa Hotel Moon Beach
Okinawa Hotel Moon Beach
The best point of this hotel is that you can get to the natural beach from the lobby in only one minute. At the beach surrounded by many palm trees, you can really appreciate being at a resort.

Okinawa Hotel Moon Beach
Okinawa Hotel Moon Beach
Okinawa Hotel Moon Beach
While listening to the sound of waves, you can enjoy food, walk around, and look at the starry sky at night. In this extraordinary space, enjoy and relax yourself.

Hotel Moon Beach
Address: 1203 Maeganeku, Onnnason, Kunigami County, Okinawa Prefecture

*The information herein is as of May 2021.

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