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Only Three hours from Tokyo, Experiencing Mongolia in Nasu Kogen Plateau


ReleaseJune 3, 2021

Writer: Nanami, who loves travelling and has visited Mongolia twice in the past.

Mongolia Village TengerGer with a door with unique Mongolian pattern

It takes five hours by air from Narita Airport and five hours by car from Ulaanbaatar. In the unending expanse of grassland, I finally arrived at a ger. Or is it?
It is not. This is “Tenger,” a Mongolia village in Nasu Kogen Plateau, which is accessible in just three hours by car on a highway from Tokyo. This area has a similar climate to that of Mongolia. “Tenger” is an accommodation facility where you can experience Mongolian culture and stay in a ger, a traditional Mongolian dwelling.

For this article, a group of three males and two females, with three having an experience of visiting Mongolia and two without any experience of Mongolian culture, stayed at this facility.


Inside the ger, there are two pillars at the center. Based on these pillars, the right part is where women stay and the left part is where men stay. This ger only has beds, but real gers for Mongolian nomadic people contain kitchen equipment and sawing equipment for the women’s area and hunting and farming tools in the men’s area.。

Mongolia Village TengerStaying in a big ger

This ger is fully equipped with everything you need, including electricity, beds, air conditioner, TV, and Wi-Fi, so it is very comfortable to stay in. The furniture and interior materials are from a famous Mongolian furniture manufacturer, creating an authentic atmosphere.

Mongolia Village TengerAt the center field surrounded by gers, you can do various activities, such as playing with balls and trying traditional archery.

Mongolia Village TengerBBQ with lots of local ingredients from Nasu Kogen

Mongolia Village TengerBBQ with lots of local ingredients from Nasu Kogen

Night activities

At night, there was a performance of traditional Mongolian guitar “mantouqin” and unique throat singing. You can enjoy a performance by Mongolian musicians, with interpretation. The powerful throat singing and beautiful sound of mantouqin made me feel as if I were in Mongolia.

Mongolia Village TengerMantouqin performance

Mongolia Village TengerAn open-air bath surrounded by nature in Nasu Kogen

From 9 pm to 10 pm, the light is turned off within the facility, so you can enjoy a star-filled night sky if it is clear. I especially recommend watching a starry sky while soaking in an open-air bath. It is a unique experience of Nasu, an onsen area, which would be unavailable in Mongolia. You can also enjoy fireworks and a campfire.

Mongolia Village Tenger

Mongolia Village Tenger

Feedback from the members who had been to Mongolia:

– Many things here, including not only the gers but also the ovoo and mantouqin performance, reminded me of the time I was in Mongolia. The big bath was bigger and better than I expected.
– Fully equipped with an air conditioning system and fully protected from bugs, the ger had only the good aspects of the real gers in Mongolia. While the real ones have some negative aspects, such as a draft coming in and leaking from rain, these gers have no negative points and I could stay very comfortably just like staying in a modern hotel.

In the current situation where visiting other countries is restricted, it is highly recommended for those who want to have an experience like travelling to a foreign country but are unwilling to do so.

Mongolia Village “Tenger”
URL: https://www.tenger.jp/
Address: 1577-9 Takakuhei, Nasumachi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture
Access: about 15 min. by car from Nasu IC

Tourist spots in the surrounding area

・Majo no Mori

About 5 minutes by car from Tenger, you will find this cafe in the woods. There are big benches and hammocks in the garden.

Majo no MoriA cute house

Majo no Mori gelatoGelato of the season

・Asian Old Bazaar

In the area filled with Asian flavors, you can find shops and restaurants here and there.

Asian Old BazaarThe gate of Bali

Asian Old BazaarNepal Area

*The information herein is as of May 2021.