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Three Souvenirs Fukuoka Locals Recommend!


ReleaseJune 17, 2021

Nestled between the ocean and mountains, Fukuoka is known as a treasure trove of tasty dishes. Tonkotsu ramen (ramen with pork bone broth), motsunabe (beef/pork tripe hot pot), mentaiko (walleye pollack roe), yakitori (grilled chicken on skewers), etc. —so many delicious and unique delicacies that grab visitors by their tongues and don’t let go!

Yatai (food carts) in Hakata
In Fukuoka, the most popular souvenirs are, to name a couple: “Hakata Torimon” (sweet white bean and cream bun), which has for 21 years in a row received the Monde Selection gold medal, or “Menbei” (mentaiko crackers), which are currently rising to the front of people’s minds when it comes to popular food souvenirs in the region.

But those are hardly the only souvenirs in Fukuoka. There are foods which Fukuoka natives always buy to bring back with them when they return home to visit their hometown. We will outline those items below. These are souvenirs which anyone would love to receive as a gift!

Kayanoya Dashi

“Kayanoya Dashi” has become a representative product of food manufacturer Kubara Honke Group, which originally started business as a soy sauce maker in 1893. It features carefully selected ingredients made in Japan: grilled dried flying fish, dried bonito flakes, round herring and Japanese kelp. It has a complex taste and superb flavor.

Kayanoya Dashi

Putting “Kayanoya Dashi” in your broth will make it delicious all by itself. Adding it to soups and stews is also recommended, but our number one recommendation is using it in oden (assorted foods simmered in broth) or mizutaki (chicken hot pot). It will make the flavor stand out splendidly. Kayanoya Dashi has its fans in American and Hong Kong as well, making it a good gift for anyone!

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Yamaya Mentai Mayonnaise

Fukuoka’s local specialty is spicy salted cod roe. A well-known establishment that serves this delicacy is “Yamaya” and their mayonnaise featuring the spicy cod roe is very popular.

Yamaya Mentai Mayonnaise

Eggs, vinegar, soybean oil and rapeseed oil are blended together to create a smooth, creamy mayonnaise base. Freshly grilled spicy cod roe is then added to the mix, giving the mayonnaise a spicy flavor.

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Hot Pot Set

In Fukuoka, nabe (hot pot) cuisines such as motsunabe (beef/pork tripe hot pot) and mizutaki (chicken hot pot) are very popular. You can find such hot pot sets to purchase just about anywhere, including airports and train stations. When you buy these sets to bring home, you can continue to enjoy the taste of Fukuoka long after you have returned from your trip!

Famous Fukuoka Motsunabe
“Hakata Motsunabe Oyama” Hot Pot Set Especially worth noting is the famous Hakata motsunabe restaurant “Hakata Motsunabe Oyama” which features a location within the airport. You can purchase hot pot sets which come with soup ready to prepare!
Adding lots of leek and cabbage is the local style! Be sure to try it!

These items can be bought in Fukuoka of course, but they can also be ordered from the comfort of your own home. Please try the taste of Fukuoka!

*The information herein is as of June 2021.

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