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Hakone Onsen: One of the most popular onsen in Japan with great access from Tokyo


UpdateJuly 27, 2021
ReleaseMay 1, 2021

hakone onsen Hakone has great access from Tokyo, only about one and a half hours by train, providing a perfect place not only for overnight stays but also for quick visits on a day trip. This major onsen resort is always highly ranked as one of the popular onsen resorts in the Kanto area. With the 5th largest yield of hot spring water in Japan, Hakone Onsen is said to be one of the most popular hot springs in Japan.

One of the reasons people like Hakone Onsen is its variety of hot spring waters. Hakone volcano has been continuously active for 400,000 years and has a varied volcanic landform which has created many onsen each with unique qualities. Currently, there are as many as 20 kinds of spring water. It has been popular as a hydropathic place for treating diseases since the old days. Various kinds of spring water, including an alkaline spring with low mineral levels and an acidic spring containing sulfur which is effective for eczema and other conditions with its high level of antibacterial activities, have different kinds of efficacies. You can enjoy various kinds of onsen according to what efficacy you need or prefer, so you will find your favorite onsen.

Apart from onsen, there are many other attractive spots in Hakone. Hakone remains a popular destination in part for the fact that although it is located near Tokyo, you can still enjoy a variety of things, such as grand nature, breathtaking views, and arts.

Formed about 3,000 years ago due to hydrovolcanic explosions, Owakudani Valley is still releasing smoke and lets you feel the power of dynamic volcanic activity. One of the specialties of Hakone is “kuro tamago” (black eggs) which are said to extend your life by seven years. You can cook them slowly in onsen water, which causes a chemical reaction, creating black boiled eggs.

Hakone Onsen Owakudani Valley
Hakone Onsen Owakudani Valley
Hakone Onsen Owakudani Valley  kuro tamago black eggs
Hakone Onsen Owakudani Valley kuro tamago black eggs Lake Ashi is a perfect place to view Mount Fuji on a clear day. Hakone-jinja Shrine is a very popular place for taking photos, with Lake Ashi spreading out behind the torii gate. On an early winter morning, you may be lucky enough to see Mount Fuji reflected on the surface of the lake.

Hakone Onsen Hakone-jinja Shrine
Hakone Onsen Mount Fuji In addition to nature, there are many art museums, including the Hakone Open-air Museum and Pola Museum of Art, allowing you to relax and enjoy art.

Hakone Onsen Mount Fuji reflected Mount Fuji reflected on the surface of Lake Ashi

At the end of the day where you lose track of time enjoying Hakone to the fullest, immerse yourself into your favorite onsen to have a wonderful time.

Shinjuku Sta. -> 85 min by Odakyu limited express “Romancecar” -> Hakone-Yumoto Sta.

Hakone Onsen Odakyu limited express Romancecar Arriving at Hakone-Yumoto Station in about one and a half hours from Tokyo

Hakone Yumoto Kanko Kyokai (Tourism Association)

*The information herein is as of April 2021.