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Kaike Onsen: unwind on an exquisite coastline of white sand and blue pine trees


UpdateJuly 27, 2021
ReleaseMay 1, 2021

Kaike onsen In northwestern Tottori Prefecture, Yonago City is home to one of the most popular hot spring areas in the San-in region, Kaike Onsen which overlooks the Sea of ​​Japan on the coast of Miho Bay and is known as the “inner sanctum of Yonago.” In local lore, about 100 years ago a fisherman accidentally discovered hot water that sprang up in the shallows of Kaike Beach. This beach, Yumigahama, draws lively crowds of pleasure seekers every summer who revel in the beauty of the white sand and blue pines.

Kaike Onsen white sand beach blue pine trees Beautiful white sand beach and blue pine trees

The spring is a sodium/calcium chloride salt spring, with an impressive hot water outflow of 4,456.5 liters per minute and a high source temperature. The salt is an excellent moisturizer, said to be effective for many ailments including neuralgia, rheumatism, and skin disorders, and recent research has also revealed impressive skin-beautifying effects.

Kaike Onsen Selected 100 Landscapes of Japan ©Tottori Pref.
Kaike Onsen has been selected in a trove of “top 100” rankings. The harmonious mix of modern buildings and nature earns it a place in the “Selected 100 Landscapes of Japan” while the seaside view of the morning sun over Mount Daisen makes it one of the “Japan Sunrise Best 100.” Other accolades include being one of the “Top 100 beaches in Japan,” and the “Top 100 white sand blue pine areas in Japan.” As you stroll through such celebrated landscape after a relaxing bath, stop by the Shiokaze Footbath in Kaike Seaside Park, gaze at the Sea of ​​Japan, and breathe in the healing tidal breeze. When you’re ready to head in, visit the tropical Balinese themed drop-in hot spring facility “Ocean Onsen” and enjoy the resort atmosphere with the beautiful scenery of Kaike before you.

Kaike Onsen Japan Sunrise Best 100 Sunrise in Kaike

Kaike is also famous as the birthplace of the Japanese triathlon, home to the first such competition in the country. Rent a bicycle and cycle along the Yumigahama beach course to enjoy the scenery. Venture a little further to reach Sakaiminato City, famous for its Mizuki Shigeru Road.

Leave the city behind, spend some quality time with Kaike’s nature and hot springs, and find out why it’s on so many top 100 lists in Japan.

Kaike Onsen Triathlon ©Tottori Pref.
Triathlon tournament held in Kaike

Kaike Onsen Cycling along the coast Cycling along the coast is a great way to enjoy the scenery

Haneda Airport -> 75 min by air -> Yonago-Kitaro Airport -> 45 min by bus -> Kaike Onsen

Yonago City Tourism Association

*The information herein is as of April 2021.