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Tokyo Walk: Spending Half a Day in Tennozu Isle


ReleaseAugust 23, 2021

“Tennozu Isle” is a small island between the Megurogawa River and the Keihin Canal in Tokyo. Redeveloped in the second half of the 1980’s, this area has become known as an “art town,” where there are public art works throughout. You will also find a number of former warehouses which have been converted into fashionable cafés and restaurants, as well as popular gadget shops. You can also stroll down the boardwalk while enjoying the open atmosphere of the waterfront.

Tennozu Isle

Tennozu Isle is four minutes by monorail from Hamamatsucho Station or 15 minutes on foot from Shinagawa Station. It is easily accessible, and is a perfect location for short weekend outings. Here are some recommended spots for afternoon walks.

Tennozu Isle



T.Y.HARBOR is an iconic restaurant in Tennozu Isle with an adjoining brewery.

T.Y.HARBOR in Tennozu Isle

A variety of American foods such as pasta dishes, pizzas, hamburgers, and seafood dishes are offered, and craft beers are must-tries.

T.Y.HARBOR in Tennozu Isle
You can enjoy your meal while appreciating the scenery on the waterfront terrace. The portions are intended and recommended to be shared amongst your companions.

T.Y.HARBOR in Tennozu Isle
T.Y.HARBOR in Tennozu Isle


An art gallery cafe where visitors can always encounter new art, as all art pieces are replaced at the end of each event.

WHAT CAFE in Tennozu Isle

WHAT CAFE is promoting art and culture that aims to open up contemporary artworks to broader fan bases and support up-and-coming artists.

WHAT CAFE in Tennozu Isle
The cafe space offers meals and drinks, including curry rice, pasta, pizza, dessert, and barista’s coffee. Everyone can enjoy art up close while having lunch and coffee, and purchase a piece if they wish.

WHAT CAFE in Tennozu Isle
WHAT CAFE in Tennozu Isle

Art Tours and Walks

1. “The Shamisen” Shinagawa 2019

By ARYZ, created in March 2019

Tennozu Isle Art “The Shamisen” Shinagawa 2019

2. Catgrapher

By Damien Poulain, created in 2018

Provided by amana inc.

Tennozu Isle Art Catgrapher

3. Shinagawa Whale (Meguro River Gates)

The painting was inspired by the episode of a whale straying into the Shinagawa off¬shore waters in 1798.

Tennozu Isle Art Shinagawa Whale

4. Street Furniture

Tennozu Isle Art Street Furniture


Along with the 4,500 colors of pigments, PIGMENT TOKYO offers rare and high-quality art materials such as paint mediums, Hake (calligraphy brushes) and Fude (paintbrushes) that are created with traditional techniques from various eras and origins.

PIGMENT TOKYO in Tennozu Isle

PIGMENT TOKYO in Tennozu IsleThere’s nothing as spectacular and fascinating as a wall covered with thousands of pigment bottles!

PIGMENT TOKYO in Tennozu IsleThe interior of the store was designed by Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma.


6. Bond Street

Bond Street is a small alley that connects Fureai-bashi Bridge and Kaigan-dori avenue. Prior to renovation, it was a bonded area, where dutiable imports were temporarily housed. Now it is a trendy area with lots of warehouses that have been converted into cafés and shops.

Bond Street

7. Sea Fort Square

A complex facility with a hotel, restaurants and a theater, among others. The hall of the Center Building is in a stylish Western style.

Sea Fort Square



A bakery next to T.Y.HARBOR.

breadworks Tennozu Isle

They offer the finest bread, fresh deli, and sandwiches prepared in-store.

breadworks Tennozu Isle
breadworks Tennozu Isle
The white and wooden interior decoration creates a relaxing atmosphere.

breadworks Tennozu Isle

Tennozu Isle
Tennozu Isle

Night out recommendation!

Tokyo City Keiba (Oi Racecourse) is one train station away from Tennozu Isle Station on the Tokyo Monorail, and will be presenting a limited-time illumination from October.

Check here for more information: https://www.tokyomegaillumi.jp/

*The information herein is as of August 2021.