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A private view of scenic Mt. Fuji! Hidden glamping areas in Fujikawaguchiko


ReleaseOctober 14, 2021

Camping and glamping have recently become popular outdoor activities among those seeking to avoid crowds. One att.JAPAN editor who has also become captivated by glamping introduces a tucked-away gem of a facility in Fujikawaguchiko that she has, until today, kept secret.


I’m Rima—born, raised, and currently living in Saitama Prefecture.
I achieved my lifelong dream of traveling abroad when I went to study in the United States. It was there that I realized the beauty of Japan. In college, I majored in Japanese culture and arts. I am fascinated by Kyoto’s geisha and maiko (apprentice geisha) and have continued my research on them even after graduating. My family and I love to travel around Japan to devour delicious cuisine! I have a habit of frequently returning to my favorite destinations.

Here, I will introduce “Mount Fuji Panorama Glamping,” a glamping facility that is a 6-minute walk from Kawaguchiko Station on the Fujikyuko Line. It boasts picturesque views of Mt. Fuji that guests can enjoy all to themselves. As I preferred to immerse myself in nature and relax rather than take a trip brimming with activities, I selected this facility in order to satisfy my itch for glamping. I fell in love the first time I visited and have since gone back three times.

Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi in early summerMt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi in early summer

Not only is Lake Kawaguchi synonymous with the breathtaking panoramas of Mt. Fuji and the lake, but it is also buzzing with various tourist spots and activities. However, this facility sits in a residential area just a brief walk from the station, away from the hubbub of the sightseeing locations. Along with the four trailer houses that opened in December 2019, a dome tent known as the “Imperial Panorama Dome” also opened in July 2021.

For this visit, I stayed inside the “King Room” trailer house. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the friendly owner.

The King Room where I stayedThe King Room where I stayed

A large bed inside a spacious roomA large bed inside a spacious room

I imagined a trailer house to be “small and uncomfortable,” but once inside, I immediately noticed the big king-size bed. As the luxury mattress enveloped my body, I could not help but think, “Am I really in a trailer house?” The room is also fitted with a kitchen, refrigerator, microwave, air conditioner, shower, bathroom, projector, and wifi, providing an environment that can hardly be described as “inconvenient.”

Guest-only observation deck with a stunning panoramaGuest-only observation deck with a stunning panorama

The observation deck offers a place to relax The observation deck offers a place to relax

Mt. Fuji is visible from the King Room, but you can also ascend the stairs behind the room to the guest-only observation deck. The deck offers a remarkable, uninterrupted view of Mt. Fuji. Places from which you can view Mt. Fuji are often overflowing with tourists, but here you can savor the scenery in a private setting.

Do nothing but sit on one of the benches and gaze up at Mt. Fuji…
The weather changes rapidly on the mountain, but this day I was able to see Mt. Fuji under a cloudless sky. At this point, I was already satisfied with my trip.

Night view from the observation deck Night view from the observation deck

Firepit and Mt. FujiFirepit and Mt. Fuji

BBQ on the observation deckBBQ on the observation deck

Using the barbecue equipment on the observation deck, you can dig into delicious barbecue while enjoying the view. There are supermarkets and convenience stores within walking distance so that you can shop for groceries with ease. There is also a tarp for rainy days.

In the morning, I cooked breakfast in the kitchen, brought it up to the observation deck, and ate it while looking at Mt. Fuji. There is nothing better than coffee sipped in the early morning with Mt. Fuji in sight.

Breakfast on the observation deck while gazing at Mt. Fuji Breakfast on the observation deck while gazing at Mt. Fuji

The facility owner also graciously let me see the “Imperial Panorama Dome” that opened in July 2021.

Imperial Panorama DomeImperial Panorama Dome

This is a special dome tent of which there is only one. It has a 3.6-meter-wide double king-size bed that can fit up to four guests. You can bask in the private view of Mt. Fuji while lounging on the bed. The room is available to couples, groups, and of course, solo travelers.

Inside the Imperial Panorama DomeInside the Imperial Panorama Dome

Mt. Fuji from the Imperial Panorama DomeMt. Fuji from the Imperial Panorama Dome

The spacious tent is also equipped with a projector.

Imperial Panorama Dome BBQ areaImperial Panorama Dome BBQ area

Mt. Fuji and firepit at nightMt. Fuji and firepit at night

Observation deck exclusive to Imperial Panorama Dome guestsObservation deck exclusive to Imperial Panorama Dome guests

The dome tent also offers a completely private space to enjoy some barbecue. The owner has designed the area so that only Mt. Fuji and Fuji-Q Highland are visible from the dome tent deck.

Fireworks at Fuji-Q HighlandFireworks at Fuji-Q Highland

If the timing is right, you might be able to see the summer fireworks at Fuji-Q Highland.
This glamping facility bursts with the ideas of the kind owner, as well as their hopes for the guests to relax. If you’re looking for hidden gems near Mt. Fuji, Mount Fuji Panorama Glamping is an ideal place to relish in a private view of Mt. Fuji.

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*The information herein is as of October 2021.

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