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Highlights of Oi Racecourse Tokyo Mega Illumination 2021-2022, evolving year by year!


ReleaseOctober 18, 2021

The Oi Racecourse in Shinagawa, Tokyo, will hold a spectacular winter-only illumination event on days when no races take place, from October 16 (Sat) 2021 to April 10 (Sun) 2022. This year marks the fourth version of this event.

Tokyo Mega Illumination in Oi Racecourse

This year boasts several updated areas and new features. Below are some of our best recommendations.

A Rainbow Fountain Bathed in Light (Updated area)

Rainbow Fountain of Tokyo Mega Illumination
The fountain show has reached new heights with a swing nozzle that turns from left to right. You will be able to see four different types of displays.

Giant Tree Playing with the Light (Updated area)

Giant Tree Playing with the Light
A majestic, symbolic tree standing tall in the middle of the field. Wrapped in light, the mystical tree will lure you into a fairytale world as it interacts with the surrounding lights.

Aurora Forest

Aurora Forest of Tokyo Mega Illumination
The popular “Aurora Forest” is back this year! An aurora of lights and smoke will spread out right above you, offering a fantastical, romantic scene.

Aurora Forest of Tokyo Mega Illumination


NAKED BIG BOOK of Tokyo Mega Illumination
Located in the Twinkle Area, this new feature was created in collaboration with creative arts company NAKED, INC. You can revel in the illuminations put together with AR (augmented reality) technology and projection mapping.

Edo Cherry Blossom Tunnel

Edo Cherry Blossom Tunnel of Tokyo Mega Illumination
A cherry blossom tunnel that is approximately 100 meters long. Believe it or not, each light bulb is shaped like a sakura petal!

Edo Cherry Blossom Tunnel of Tokyo Mega Illumination
The color of the lights changes to the music, making for a truly photogenic spectacle!

Edo Cherry Blossom Tunnel of Tokyo Mega Illumination

Memorable Alley (Updated area)

Memorable Alley of Tokyo Mega Illumination
Take one step into this alley and slip back in time to the Showa period (1926-1989)! Its music, lighting, and wall decorations make the area a real alley of those days. An element from the Heisei period (1989-2019) will be added this year.

This area has several other features, too. See further details on the Tokyo Mega Illumination official website: https://www.tokyomegaillumi.jp/guide.html

A Unique Racetrack Experience

Tokyo Mega Illumination
A highly sought-after event unique to the Oi Racecourse! Miniature horses and ponies await daily, always ready for a photograph. Lead ponies will also be there on weekends and holidays. The friendly horses are sure to be a source of comfort.

Tokyo Mega Illumination
View the horse event schedule on the official website: https://www.tokyomegaillumi.jp/uma.html

Food and Souvenirs

Not only can you enjoy the illuminations, but you can also help yourself to a serving of offal stew, horseshoe churros, Japanese-style matcha parfait, and other tasty foods. This year, there are even more original souvenirs of the horses and illumination event.

horseshoe churros in Tokyo Mega IlluminationNew this year are the horseshoe churros!

offal stew in Tokyo Mega IlluminationThe offal stew is a staple at the Oi Racecourse! This warm dish is perfect for a cold day.

You can also have Japanese desserts at the cafe “Wa nagomi,” including premium matcha parfaits and matcha tiramisu.

matcha parfait in Tokyo Mega IlluminationThe premium matcha parfait showcases multiple layers of colors and flavors.

matcha tiramisu in Tokyo Mega IlluminationThe not-too-sweet matcha tiramisu is a favorite menu item (Green Tea Set) .

Tokyo Mega Illumination growing key chainsPopular growing key chains (Horse-shaped)

Tokyo Mega Illumination growing key chainsPopular growing key chains (Horseshoe-shaped)

miniature horse stuffed toys of Tokyo Mega IlluminationCuteness overload! These miniature horse stuffed toys are also new this year.

【Tokyo Mega Illumination Event Information】
Date: October 16 (Sat) 2021 to April 10 (Sun) 2022
Venue: Tokyo Mega Illumination (Oi Racecourse)
Access: 2-minute walk from Oi Keibajo Mae Station (Tokyo Monorail), 12-minute walk from Tachiaigawa Station (Express stop, Keikyu)
Tokyo Mega Illumination Official Website:

*The information herein is as of October 2021.