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Stroll Around the Ancient City at Naramachi!

Hailed as the capital from 710 until 794 when the capital was transferred to Heiankyo (Kyoto), Nara has been etched into history as the hub of ancient…

Cats at Gokokuji Temple

Experience the history of Tokyo by taking a walk in Zoshigaya!

The Zoshigaya area is quiet despite being close to bustling Ikebukuro. It might not be a typical tourist spot to many people, but it is a place where …

Gotokuji Temple, Local Town Walk Along the Setagaya Line

Tokyo Walk: Local town walk along the Setagaya Line

The Tokyu Setagaya Line is one of the only two tram lines left in Tokyo. The areas along the 10 stations from Sangen-jaya to Shimo-takaido are attract…

Awara Onsen

Awara Onsen: One of the biggest onsen towns in Fukui, home to a food stall village with a cozy atmosphere

Located in the northern part of Fukui Prefecture with hilly terrain to the north and a paddy field zone to the south, Awara Onsen is one of the bigges…

Kinosaki onsen

Kinosaki Onsen: Onsen-hop at a historic hot spring town overlooked by a temple

Kinosaki Onsen is located in the northern part of Hyogo Prefecture on the western, Sea of Japan side of Japan. The area abounds in nature, surrounded …