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PlayStation®VR × JOYPOLIS


UpdateJune 20, 2016
ReleaseJune 20, 2016

Japan is readily associated with technological innovations, and one of the many subcultures that owe its roots to Japanese technological prowess is that of the video gamer. From the humble systems of the 80s, to this age of hypermodernity, there has been much progress, and one of the best places to experience this is in Tokyo Joypolis amusement park. Located on the beautiful island of Odaiba, easily accessible and worth a visit due to its stunning views of Tokyo Bay and the Tokyo metropolis, there is little reason for anyone going to Tokyo not to stop by.
Once inside, a whole world opens up. One filled with arcade machines and funky new tech gadgets, but what is probably the highlight right now, is the virtual reality (or VR) exhibits here at the moment. Enjoy demos of PlayStation® VR gear by playing these games hands-on, and otherwise indulge in Japan’s local produced VR systems. Party games, action games, horror, even just simple but beautiful experiences, these are all available in the VR exhibits in Tokyo Joypolis.