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UpdateMarch 21, 2018
ReleaseMarch 21, 2018

-A “soul place” where our night begins-
Special set menu for foreigners: All 1,000 yen
1 set a shop × 7 shops = 7 sets Privileges of “Hashigo”
Get a gift by collecting stamps at 2 shops! Gift: “tenugui (cotton towel)” + “1 item (chopsticks, a small sake cup, or others)”
After Enjoying YOKOCHO
Enjoy about 15 bars and show spaces around Ginza until late at night at discounted prices!
(The table charge is free if you show a YOKOSO DISCOUNT PASSPORT.)
Facebook Campaign
From January 15 through February 15, those who post photos and commentsabout Tokyo’s yokocho and nightlife to the ”Tokyo Fan Club” Facebook page can receive lucky prizes, such as limited Tokyo goods and traveling gear including plastic plane models.
Enjoy Yokocho
and Experience the Tokyoite Nightlife!
Cross-section of Nightlife What is Yokocho
Cheap, but delicious! A maze of narrow alleys and fantastic shops appear one after another. That is Yokocho.
Yokocho literally means “alleyways off the main street” and includes the small pubs and bars that are found on these narrow streets. There are many yokocho in Japan. In Tokyo, popular ones include Omoide-yokocho (Shinjuku), Hamonika-yokocho (Kichijoji), Nonbei-yokocho (Shibuya), Ebisu-yokocho (Ebisu), Yurakucho Sanchoku Inshokugai (Yurakucho), and many alleways in Shimbashi even though the names do not include “yokocho.” In Osaka in western Japan, Janjan-yokocho (Shin-Sekai) and Hozenji-yokocho (Dotonbori) are the most well known.
Explore Yokocho
The narrow streets are adorned with red lanterns and the neon signs of the yokocho. The retro, nostalgic ambience puts you in a time slip to about 50 years ago. Yakitori shops, kushiyaki (skewered dishes) shops, izakaya (Japanese pubs), bars, yoshoku (Western-style dishes) restaurants, and others line the streets. The shops are packed with the regulars and company workers on their way home. Take a swig of beer while eating your favorite dishes, such as yakitori, oden (Japanese pot-au-feu), kushiyaki, and stewed meat! In addition to the traditional shops, in recent years, stylish French or Italian restaurants are also found in yokocho as part of the yokocho boom in Japan.
Have Fun at Yokocho
Yokocho are full of shops with cheap but delicious dishes that make everyone want to go “barhopping,” called “hashigo” in Japanese. Yes! This is one of the pleasures of yokocho. Going around to several shops is the way to enjoy yokocho so don’t fill up at the first stop even though the food is delicious. There are a variety of shops in one yokocho, so be sure to try the different tastes.
Cheerfully mingle with the locals and shop masters while enjoying the food and the conversation! If you want to experience traditional nightlife in Japan, one of the many yokocho is the place to go. Drop by, have a tasty bite or a drink or two and experience the energetic, chaotic yokocho!




[Date] Jan 15 – Mar 15, 2013

[Venue] Yurakucho Sanchoku Inshokugai (International Arcade, 2-1-1, Yurakucho, Chiyoda)


[URL]  http://www.gotokyo.org