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The underground mysteries 2016


UpdateMarch 21, 2018
ReleaseMarch 21, 2018

The metropolis’ underground railroad is undoubtedly an overwhelming universe. To help you explore it and with it get to know Tokyo better, “The underground mysteries 2016” has started! This is a puzzle-solving game played while taking trains and walking through streets in Tokyo.
Start from Tokyo Metro Ticket Office at Ueno Station. You can buy a game kit there.
First solve the first puzzle in the game kit, and go to the next location according to the answer.
Using the 24-Hour Ticket included in the kit, take the train from Ueno Station and get to the next place, then look around Tokyo and solve all the mysteries with other hints and codes.
The game is enjoyable even though you play alone, but playing with a few friends is more recommended as you can discuss. If you have difficulties to solve, see hints on the website. When you solve the final puzzle, you are sure to get a great sense of fulfillment!
And don’t miss seeing scenery while solving the puzzles! Walking around Tokyo in accordance with the puzzles may show you beautiful views you don’t usually find.
Be a “detective,” and solve the mysteries of Tokyo Metro!




[Date] 2016. Oct. 1 - 2017. Jan. 31

[Venue] Start from Tokyo Metro Ticket Office at Ueno Station


[URL]  http://realescapegame.jp/events/tokyometro.html