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UpdateMarch 21, 2018
ReleaseMarch 21, 2018

Amakusa is comprised of some 120 islands and is surrounded by the ocean. The Shimabara-no-ran rebellion occurred in Amakusa in 1637.
+ Amakusa Gokyo (Five Bridges)
Route 266 from Misumi in Uto Peninsula to Kamishima via Oyanojima is called the Amakusa Pearl Line. Amakusa Gokyo (Five Bridges) connecting the 5 islands were completed in 1966, and Amakusa was finally connected to Kyushu by land. Before the bridges were completed, the only access to the islands was by boat. Cruises around the Amakusa Gokyo Bridges are available.
+ Amakusa Shiro Memorial Hall
Amakusa Shiro was born in Oyanojima and led the Amakusa-no-ran rebellion with 37,000 people in 1637 when he was 16. The next year, they crossed the sea to Shimabara. He was killed after taking refuge in Shimabara Castle.
+ Dolphin Watching
Several hundred dolphin inhabit the sea around Tsushi Island. Visitors can watch them from fishing boats. (Advance bookings required.)