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UpdateMarch 21, 2018
ReleaseMarch 21, 2018

The largest mercantile area in Kyushu is Tenjin, – an area where people from all over Western Japan as well as local Kyushumen gather. It is an inspiring, cutting edge leader of fashion.
Enjoy department stores, rows of buildings with fashion shops, and gourmet in this lap of luxury where north-south running Watanabe Dori intersects East-west running Showa Dori, and Meiji Dori, Tenjin is a place with good transportation and access ways (Nishitetsu and Subway), and is a great base for exploring farther out.
Relaxed Tenjin Chikagai, Tenjin Dori with its unique and fashionable shops, and Tenjin Yorozu-cho Dori, known as Oyafuko Dori are famous places that draw the local youth. As leading fashion areas, Daimyo and Imaizumi get all the attention.
Small used clothes shops, select shops, and interior shops keep cropping up in residential areas out of old houses. Here, you’ll probably find a favorite something or other.