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Great Buddha


UpdateMarch 22, 2018
ReleaseMarch 22, 2018

The Great Buddha inside the kondo is 15m in height and weighs 380 tons. The total number of workers involved in the construction of the Great Buddha is believed to have been approximately 2.6 million – fully half of the nations 8th century population making it a truly nationwide effort indeed. Todaiji Temple, Chu-mon Gate, Kondo Hall and Kodo Hall stand in a straight line with the Great Buddha sandwiched between the 100m high seven story pagodas on its east and west. The statue was damaged several times due to conflict but was reconstructed each time. A symbolic pillar is also present with a hole equal in size to that of the entrance to the Great Buddha’s nostril (30cm high by 37cm wide and 120cm in length). Both children and adults who are deemed slim enough wait in line to pass through.