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UpdateMarch 23, 2018
ReleaseMarch 23, 2018

Visiting leisure spots like Shima Spain Village and Nemu-no-Sato is attractive. Several hotels on the area have natural hot spring baths. Shima is a huge area and some part is a little inconvenient when traveling by public transportation.
Shima Spain Village
Shima Spain Village consists of a theme park, onsen and a hotel. Kintetsu Ugata Station offers the closest access point. It is about 13 minutes from Ugata Station by bus (a few buses run every hour).
This theme park is based on a Spanish concept. “Ciudad Area” features cities in Spain and “Tierra Area” features spacious land with white walls in Andalusia and old castles of Spain. The theme of “Mar Area” is a beach resort. In “Fiesta Area,” there are various types of attractions like “Pyrenees,” which is one of the largest suspended roller coasters in the world. According to the park staff, some people visit the park to ride the Pyrenees from overseas.
Parades are held and visitors can participate in part of the parade, although the parade is not held during winter. You can also enjoy a Flamenco Show by Spanish dancers in a hall which is similar to a true tablao (a bar showing Flamenco) in Spain.
The park is filled with things related to Spain from authentic Spanish cuisine to confectionery. Polvoron is a Spanish traditional sweet and when you put it in your mouth, it mildly dissolves. Sample tasting of it is highly recommended. Events relating to Spanish food are held in Mayor Plaza until November 25th. Several chefs cook paella in a large pan whose diameter is three meters on weekends and holidays during this period.
Hotel Shima Spain Mura
This hotel is an exotic and luxurious hotel reminding you of resorts in Andalusia. Fountains with arabesque patterns and patios dot the complex. Guest rooms are designed under three themes of three cities in Spain including Cordoba, Sevilla and Granada.
Ise Shima Hot Springs Shima Spain Village “Himawari-no-yu”
There is an open-air bath offering picturesque views of the ocean and sunset.
Shima Isobe
Matoya is famous for oysters due to abundant planktons, which are food for oysters. Matoya Bay is good places for oyster farming and oysters grown locally are large and have a rich flavor.
Kashikojima is the largest island in Ago Bay. It is an island but connects to the mainland by two bridges, namely Kashikojima-bashi Bridge and Kashikojima-ohashi Bridge. With leisure spots and large hotels, the whole island looks like a land of leisure and you can walk around various sightseeing spots on the island. Kashikojima-ohashi Bridge is a best spot to see the sunset over Ago Bay.
Kashikojima Espana Cruise
You can enjoy the beautiful landscapes in Ago Bay, with its deeply indented coastline on a 50-minute cruise.
Nemu-no-Sato is a huge resort park on the Osaki Peninsula jutting into Ago Bay. It is a kind of pioneering resort facility with accommodation. It is home to studios and halls which make full use of Yamaha acoustic technology. There are various types of facilities for field sports, marine sports and recreation set against the vast natural backdrop. You can also enjoy natural hot springs “Shiosai-no-yu.”