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Towns in Setouchi


UpdateMarch 26, 2018
ReleaseMarch 26, 2018

Kure is a port town that was developed as one of the world’s biggest military ports. Mitarai used to prosper as one of the port towns in Setouchi in the Edo period (1603-1867), where sailboats stayed waiting for good winds and tides for sailing to their destinations. You can see the buildings and historical sites which retain the atmosphere of the towns’ old days.
Takehara, known to anime fans as a “sacred place” of the anime series “Tamayura,” is called “Little Kyoto of the Aki area,” where houses of former wealthy merchants still stand behind white walls lining the street in a quaint atmosphere.
Attracting people with its calm and magnificent natural landscape, Tomonoura is one of the main scenic sites in Setonaikai National Park. The traditional fishing method, tai-ami, net fishing for red sea bream, is still actively performed in this area. A special tai-ami event is held throughout May every year, where the dynamic, spectacular fishing thrills the audience.