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Mt. Yoshino 1


UpdateMarch 26, 2018
ReleaseMarch 26, 2018

Mount Yoshino is quite simply one of Japan’s very best cherry blossom viewing locations. An amazing 30,000 trees encompassing 200 varieties cover the mountain and from early April, when the blossoms at the foot of the mountain start to bloom, the whole mountain is slowly blanketed in pink until later in the same month when the green shoots appear. Toyotomi Hideyoshi is known to have held a grand cherry blossom viewing party with 5000 guests in 1594 but is not alone in big names making the journey to this Mecca of blossoms as Matsuo Basho, Shimazaki Toson, Tanizaki Junichiro and a number of other novelists and scholars are also known to have visited Yoshino.