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Walking on Mount Yoshino


UpdateMarch 26, 2018
ReleaseMarch 26, 2018

The route from the foot to the summit of Mt. Yoshino is more often than not covered on foot. From Kintetsu Yoshino Station travel to, then from Yoshinoyama Station to Senbonguchi Station by cable car and stop by Kinpusenji Temple where the famed copper ‘Do-no-torii’ – one of the nation’s top three torii – stands in welcome. Passing through the majestic Niomon Gate, Zaodo, the main hall of the temple and the second largest wooden building in Japan (the first being Todaiji Daibutsuden) will come into view. Standing approximately 30m at its tallest point, the roof covering is actually made of hinoki (cypress) bark.
A narrow road lined with souvenir shops and restaurants leads to Yoshimizu Shrine from the temple. Yoshimizu is itself home to the oldest shoin-zukuri style room in Japan as well as a selection of other cultural properties.
Next comes, Hanayagura – via Katte Shrine, Nyoirinji temple and Chikurinin. From Hanayagura a panoramic view taking in much of Mount Yoshino can be enjoyed. The next point, Yoshino Mikumari Shrine, is often the point from which many journey back to the station but given the time and self-confidence why not push on to Kinpu Shrine and Saigyoan?