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UpdateMarch 27, 2018
ReleaseMarch 27, 2018

Tokoname is one of the six sites where ceramic ware production began in ancient Japan, over 1000 years ago. Stroll along the Yakimono Sanpomichi (Pottery Walking Path) and see the many chimneys, ceramic factories, pottery wall pipes, and the famous climbing kilns. Tokoname produces the most “Manekineko,” ceramic “welcoming” cats, in Japan. The gigantic manekineko “Tokonyan” watches over Tokoname-Manekineko-dori Street and 39 ceramic cats adorn the fence along the street. At the INAX Museums, you can experience hands-on “manufacturing” of pottery at five facilities, one with an extensive library/a square with kilns, and an exhibit of tiles in the world. There is a cafe in which to relax and sip some tea on the premises. Morita Aji no Yakata is an Edo-period brewery. Tasting sake, miso and soy sauce and purchasing the goods are available. Tokonameyaki Matsuri is a fair held in late August where Tokoname ware is sold. And, if you are interested in boat racing, why not drop by Boat Race Tokoname?