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UpdateMarch 27, 2018
ReleaseMarch 27, 2018

Norikura Kogen, stretching east of Mount Norikura-dake, is a plateau some 1,200-1,900 meters in elevation. Mount Norikura-dake has a gentle slope to the top and the huge plateau at the foot is dotted with dynamic waterfalls and lovely lakes and ponds. Buses to the summit, Tatamidaira, start from in front of Kanko Center (Tourism Center). Yukemurikan nearby the center has an open-air bath offering a view of Mount Norikura-dake. On a day-trip you can enjoy soaking in milky white hot water for a few hours. On the plateau, there are many other hot springs.
Zengoro no Taki Waterfall is one-hour bus ride from Kyukamura (Vacation Village) bus stop via Ushidome-ike Pond. Ichinose-enchi features extensive grasslands and you can tour around small lakes and marshes along the trail. An about 25-minute walk from Sanbondaki bus stop will take you to Sanbondaki (Three Stream Falls), which is at an elevation of 800 meters.
When you go up Tatamidaira (2,700 meters) by shuttle bus, you will be quickly enveloped in a high mountain atmosphere. Splendid flower fields can be seen here from July to August. There are several walking or trekking routes, and you can choose and enjoy a hike depending on your physical strength. However, if you want to hike, appropriate equipment such as trekking shoes, a long-sleeve shirt, a hat, and rain apparel is necessary since the altitude is about 3,000 meters. For those who want to enjoy casual walking, a 30-minute route around the flower field in Tatamidaira is recommended.
In spring, a huge corridor created by snow removal is alluring. It can be enjoyed from May 1 to around the end of May. Leaves around the top of Mount Norikura-dake begin to turn red in September, and autumn leaves are at their best at the foot of the mountain in early October. Snowshoe hiking on the blanket of snow or seeing frozen waterfalls is enjoyable in winter.
Shirahone Onsen is a hot spring resort whose water is said to be highly efficacious for health, and it is said that you won’t catch a cold for three years if you soak for three days.