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UpdateMarch 27, 2018
ReleaseMarch 27, 2018

On the back street behind the Omote-Sando you can find Tokugyobo, which offers a special program of experiencing Japanese culture. The 6-hour comprehensive program includes a tea ceremony, zen meditation, kimono wearing and Buddhist vegetarian shojin cuisine for 12,500 yen. The head priest of Tokugyobo, wishing foreign people to better understand the Japanese spirit, started this well-reputed program conducted in English, Chinese, and Korean. To participate, you have to make a reservation by one day in advance by e-mail (mail@zenkoji-tokugyoubou.com). Since Tokugyobo is originally a shukubo, lodging facility for pilgrims, you can of course stay there ? for 9,450 yen per night, including experiencing a religious service early in the morning at Zenkoj-ii Temple. Please inquire for further information.
30 min on foot from JR Nagano Sta.
448, Motoyoshi cho, Nagano city, Nagano