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UpdateMarch 27, 2018
ReleaseMarch 27, 2018

Katayamazu Onsen
Located near Lake Shibayama-gata, Katayamazu Onsen has modern spa hotels and the resort atmosphere leaves nothing to be desired. Meanwhile, sounds of drums and shamisen played by geigi (geisha) can be heard in the back streets. The hot spring was discovered some 350 years ago, but the spa town was not built until 1882. Since then, the town has developed as a spa resort.
Nearby Nihon Genki Gekijo is a theater-style entertainment park opened in July 2009. In the reproduced traditional town, all people from children to adults can enjoy comedy shows staged by Yoshimoto, a famous entertainment company in Osaka, various other shows, and throwing shuriken knives.
Awazu Onsen
Awazu Onsen is the oldest spa town in Kaga Onsen-kyo, established in 718 AD. High priest Taicho, the first person to stand on the top of sacred Mount Hakusan, found the spa. Ryokan Hoshi was built in the same year and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest accommodation in the world. The current owner is the 46th generation.
At Yunokuni no Mori, you can experience making Japanese paper or soba buckwheat noodles, and applying gold leaf. Making dorayaki, a Japanese sweet consisting of two small pancake-like patties wrapped around a filling of sweet red bean paste, is a popular attraction, too.
Yamashiro Onsen
Yamashiro Onsen is located on the foot of the hill. Its origin dates back to over 1,300 years ago when monk Gyoki, who established Yakuoin Onsen-ji Temple, discovered the spa. A number of poets and artists have visited and stayed there: haiku poet Matsuo Basho; Kitaoji Rosanjin, who is renowned as an artist and cook; and Yamashita Kiyoshi, who is known as a wandering painter. The center of the town is a large public bath called Soyu and venerable ryokan are gathered around it. Hot spring water gushes forth at Gensen Park. You can enjoy drinking the water as well having a foot bath.?
Yamanaka Onsen
Yamanaka Onsen spa town is located along the Daishoji-gawa River in the mountain, surrounded by beautiful scenery. It is said that this spa was found by monk Gyoki 1,300 years ago. Along with the spa, the local Yamanaka lacquerware is well known throughout Japan. Enjoy walking in Kakusen-kei Valley, a picturesque valley that Matsuo Basho was much impressed with.