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UpdateMarch 28, 2018
ReleaseMarch 28, 2018

Asagaya Pearl Center 
Shopping Street
Pearl Center is a shopping street covered with an arcade where you can find all kinds of shops serving the everyday needs of local people, such as butchers, vegetable markets, liquor shops, general shops and restaurants. Take a walk and drop in at a specialty store, such as Budo-no-ki, which is famous for its popular souvenir sweet the ‘Tokyo Banana’, the Kamaju-kamaboko shop, where you can munch on freshly made kamaboko (fish sausage) and satsuma-age (fried fishcake) just out of fryer, the Japanese craft-shop NEJIME with a wide variety of folk crafts, as well as Japanese-style confectionery shops.
At Asagaya Tanabata Matsuri (star festival), which takes place in August every year (August 6-10, 2014), the highlight are the huge papier-mâché dolls decorating the shopping street; the dolls are modeled on anime characters and famous people and are made by locals who work or live in Asagaya.
Asagaya Jazz Street is a music event held in late October every year (October24-25, 2014) and a festive jazz atmosphere envelopes the entire town.
Asagaya Anime Street
In the past, Asagaya was a small town popular among many novelists, who would gather there to drink. This area is situated in Suginami-ku and it is home to about 70 anime studios.
In March 2014, Asagaya Anime Street opened there with 16 unique anime-related shops. Its creative atmosphere has already attracted many visitors.
At Anime-za Baroque Café, you can watch select anime movies on a big screen and talk with other anime fans. Cosmenia is a place where you can try anime cosplay and have a photo shoot. They not only rent and sell costumes and wigs but help you put on make-up. Asagaya Chutonchi (ASGAYA CAMP) is a unique shop full of plastic egg toy vending machines, the contents of which are related to the other shops on the Anime Street. You can have a 3D scan yourself done and send the pictures to Future Toy Land Digimo’s smartphone app to enjoy your own 3D pictures or make a composite image with pictures taken by a camera.
Bar Alleys in Asagaya
Come visit and spend an evening in the bar district when you are in Asagaya. There are three bar districts around the station: Star Road, Ichiban-gai and Icho-komichi. There are a wide range of choices within walking distance, including a variety of Izakayas, which feature Japanese family-style dishes, and ethnic restaurants such as Turkish or Thai dishes.
Some standing-room only bars have their own unique style and offer a pleasant atmosphere for visitors to enjoy an adult beverage. At Tachinomi-Futa-kun, customers order and pay for their drinks at the counter and then receive their change in a masu (wooden box for drinking sake).
Make the most of your visit to Asagaya and enjoy meeting the different people who live in Tokyo.